Nash Likes L.A., but He Loves NYC

It was an interesting 26 days on the road, from NYC to South Beach to Boynton Beach to L.A. So what does a guide dog do during all that travel, and what does one do as personable as Nash? Nash was very excited to arrive in L.A., and he was even more excited when the Co-Founder of Laugh For Sight, Scott Wartham picked us up at the airport, as Nash has spent a lot of time around Scott this year, and Scott has been great getting Nash out on some runs with him. Nash doesn’t get to be a non-working dog when he is out with me, so it is nice for him to get out with someone else every now and then so he can just be a doggy.

While in L.A. we stayed with my good friend Steve and his fiance Jill. Nash was also very excited to see Steve as this was the fifth time we were staying with him in L.A. this year. Nash loves Steve’s apartment especially the ten foot couch he has that Steve allows Nash on and lets him sleep on it. Nash loves to curl up on the opposite end of the couch that I am sleeping on right into the corner. What was really funny is if a bunch of us were sitting on the couch, Nash would be like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, “You’re in my spot.” Every time someone got up off the couch, Nash would dart over and take their spot, and he became known as the spot thief! What was funny is Nash could get away with it because he is so cute. Nash also became known as the woobie thief. For those of you who don’t know what a woobie is, see the movie Mr. Mom. It’s what the little boy called his blanket, and Nash would steal Scott’s woobie every time we would be working late on Laugh For Sight, Scott would stay over at Steve’s so we could get an early start the next morning, and Nash would seek out Scott’s woobie, and curl up in it. Nash is a funny guy.

There was a big song in the 80’s that went something lie, “walking in L.A., Nobody walks in L.A.” Well obviously the group that made that song didn’t have a guide dog because Nash and I got a lot of walking in while in L.A. One day we headed over to a trendy restaurant on Melrose for lunch, and I don’t see people, but Scott saw Miley Cyrus reach out and try and pet Nash. Hey buddy, you got to tell me these things while they are happening, as I hear she is hot!

We had a lot of meetings at restaurants and were told four or five times, “No Dogs!” At least at each place, it only took telling them once, Nash is a service dog, and that was the end of it. Nash of course got his daily compliments, Good to see the L.A. folk didn’t get any of their I live in Hollywood attitude when it came to Nash. We didn’t really get to do a lot at night, as we were either working on Laugh For Sight, or at the Improv. Nash loved being at the Improv, and we did have to tell a lot of people not to pet him, and I think a lot of them didn’t listen, so we may have to be more stern next time we are out there. I think Nash did enjoy all th e different smells and scenery in L.A.

Something I forgot to mention in the blog recap about Laugh For Sight. Besides all the big comedians we had perform at Laugh For Sight, we had a bit of a celebrity crowd, and I am sure I will leave a few out. Katie Cleary who has been on Chuck and Two and A Half Men, Hurley from my favorite show Lost was there, I think her name is Jssica Hall, she played Ben Affleck’s love interest in the movie The Town was in attendance, James Preston from The Gates, and Owen Kramer Glickman were all enjoying many laughs at Laugh For Sight. I am sure there were a bunch of celebs there that I didn’t meet or wasn’t told about. Overall though, it was an amazing night that we really have to thank Visionzone for making it all possible. We will have some really big news this week about the upcoming Laugh For Sight South Beach on December 17th at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach this week.

Yesterday, Nash and I finally headed home to NYC. We got so lucky when we got to LAX, as when we checked in the woman said, oh let me give you a row with more room. Ends up she put us in a row alone. Wow, this is the way to travel. I ended up moving into the middle seat, and of course Nash spread out in style. Nash kept looking at me as if to say why isn’t it always like this? Nash slept for most of the flight. I am so jealous, as I can’t sleep on planes. We got back to NYC around 8pm, Nash got to do his business, got our luggage, and got into a cab by 830. Amazingly, as soon as we got across the Queensborough Bridge and into NYC, Nash popped up from laying down. He knew we were home. I guess I can never move out of NYC because Nash looked out the window the rest of the way home. When we got out of the cab and Nash saw our building, it is the most excited I have ever seen him. His tail was wagging so much it kept hitting me in the leg. We got into the building, and I had to keep telling Nash to slow down. He pretty much raced me down the hall right to my door, and as soon as I got him inside and got his harness and leash off, Nash took a race around the apartment. I think he was checking to make sure his bed, bones, and all of his toys were still here. I got Nash fed, and immediately afterwards, he went straight for my bed, his thrown. I think Nash is quite happy to be home, I know I am!


3 Responses to “Nash Likes L.A., but He Loves NYC”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    welcome back. It is always good to be home. Glad Nash is sooo happy.

  2. victoria Says:

    That is a wonderful expanded version of the synopsis on FB about his intense delight at returning back to NYC

    SORRY! I did pet him, at the bar, just once or twice. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to and will not do so again.

    I like the coining of the term “thrown”–very cute.

    You did get lucky on that flight , that ought to be the status quo for the two of you!

    Dogs sleep so much more easily than humans. I can only sleep on a plane that is a red eye and even then, only with Lunesta! Maybe an hour if I haven’t slept enough the night before but I do hate to fly (boredom, not crashing..)

    Good luck with the upcoming preparations. I will learn the lesson taught me by LFS and NOT leave Pacific Palisades for Weho at 6 PM for an 8PM concert ever again (I have the Dulli show tomorrow night 🙂 )

  3. blindgator Says:

    Thanks Victoria. You probably pet Nash because I got tired of asking people not to. You only shouldn’t pet a guide dog when their harness is on. When it is off, they are a regular dog. Unfortunately, I think me being in comedy clubs all the time, and Nash being an attention junkie that he sometimes seeks out being pet. He loves people so much. And yes, Nash is currently in this thrown, my bed. Thanks for the wishes on the LFS South Beach prep, been a long crazy day as we finish wrapping up L.A. and begin to focus on South Beach.

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