Nash Believes In Californication!

After a great set on Friday night, Nash and I waited for Scott to pick us up on Saturday morning as we headed out to the Burbank Gators club to watch our Florida Gators take on the Georgia Bulldogs at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. You believe the PCers actually changed the name of the game? It will always be the Cocktail Party to me. We went to watch the game at Hooters in Burbank as a college buddy of mine had won a wing party by answering to most Gator trivia questions earlier this year. A special shout out to Walter for saving the party for when Nash and I were in town. If you guys think Nash is unbelievably well trained for sitting by my side while I am on stage, you would have been more impressed with how well behaved he was while Hooter waitress’es kept placing wing platter after platter after platter right above his head. My friends kept a watchful eye on Nashee as we know how bad a chicken wing is for a dog. Not to worry though, Nash got plenty of treats as we watched the thrilling Gator game, and beat Georgia to end a dreadful three game losing streak.

Afterwards, it was back to Steve’s pad in West Hollywood, as we needed to relax from our crazy cross country schedule, and a busy week ahead. On Sunday, we headed out for lunch on Melrose and walked around for a little bit and Scott and Nash got to enjoy some of the freaky Hollyweird Halloween costumes. Me being a blind guy, I just had to laugh from what Scott told me. We did find a nice hat store and I got a new smooth hat to wear on stage. Will probably wear it at Laugh For Sight L.A. on November 9th, so you will get to see plenty of pics of it. We then had a meeting with the Melrose Improv, as we had to go over a bunch of details for the inaugural LFS L.A. Trust me people, you have no idea how much planning and execution goes into each benefit. It is a full time job with extremely irregular hours seven days a week, with a lot of grief, but the night of the benefit, it is all worth it. I am not a Halloween person, so we just stayed in on Halloween and skipped over the Santa Monica parade, as it is a zoo, and I needed the rest as I was coming down with a cold. Ugh.

As I thought, on Monday the cold had arrived. It makes me think, do dogs get colds, and if so how do you know? Even with the cold, there was nice time to rest, as the benefit is a little more than a week away. We banged out a ton of emails, as we are still finalizing some of the details for the inaugural L.A. show, made a ton of calls, also for South Beach, and worked on securing some items for the live auction we will hold during the benefit.

In the afternoon, I got my first ever Raiki massage. It is a holistic massage with crystals, and was pretty wild, as I believe I went on a little bit of a spiritual journey. I am not going to go into any of the details as it is to personal for the internet, but I would highly recommend trying it. On Monday night we headed out to an underground comedy show as my friend Jill’s friend was performing. Normally, I would be all over the place networking, but with a cold, Nash and I just sat and enjoyed the show.

I’ll get you an update later in the week, as we have some exciting things brewing, but as usual, I like to get them confirmed before talking about them. Lots of meetings, emails to send out, and calls to make. The cold is a little better, and hopefully will be even better tomorrow. Nash and I will be over at the Melrose Improv Weds. night meeting with some people as long as we are healthy.

Well, I was going to heave on that note, but for my regular readers and Nash enthusiates, I’ll treat you to this. I just got up to get a coke, and I am staying on a very large sofa bed. Nash sleeps at one end where my feet are, and I sleep at the other end where the pillows are. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom came back half asleep went to lay down, and on my pillows was Nash, a Nash pillow, and as I got back from getting my coke, Nash just stole my pillows again. He quietly snuck over as I was across the way in the kitchen. What am I going to do with this guy. He gets away with murder because he is so cute. And now he is snoring on my pillow as I write this. Lucky guy, he can actually fall asleep, and without meds too! I guess Nash believes in Californication.

3 Responses to “Nash Believes In Californication!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    as long as you don’t move there…Too far away

  2. blindgator Says:

    Trust me after dealing with the L.A. attitude for the last week or so, we will not be moving back to LA LA land anytime soon. It has gotten a lot worse since I lived out here, plus I think it is to hot for Nash!

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