From South Beach to Boynton Beach

So going back to the previous blog, we had a good set at Ability Explosion in South Beach. After the show we had a bunch of people come uo to Nash and me, and tell us how much they liked our set. Nash even did something a little quirky during the show, as he turned his butt to the audience for some of my set. I guess he doesn’t get stage fright, or was bored with the crowd, because he definitely wasn’t showing them his better side.

After the show a bunch of the comedians and some of the people from Ability Explosion headed down the South Beach boardwalk to one of the bars. This was definitely not Nash or my scene as the music was pumping, and we don’t do loud bars. We ended up hanging out front after we talked to a visually impaired woman and her husband who were in from Chicago to tape a segment of Cooking Without Looking, a show to teach the blind how to cook. I could definitely use that, as the only cooking I do is ordering from After hanging for a little bit, Lonnie, Kyle, Nicole, and I headed out to a more New Yorkie dive bar with some rock music. Ah, much more my scene. We had a few drinks then Lonnie and I flagged down a cab to head back to the hotel.

Now, I was never a big South Beach, but had a blast down here this time. My only complaint, the freakin cab drivers. None of them know where anything is. We were only in the cab for a few minutes when Lonnie said, “STOP!” The cab driver was acting like he didn’t know where tenth and Washington was, a pretty major intersection in South Beach. We were only a few blocks, so we hiked it back to the Angler’s Resort.

We had a late checkout on Friday, and we hung out ooutside of the Angler’s as we had another meeting at 3pm. If you are ever down in South Beach, you are going to want to stay at the Angler’s as the hospitality from everyone there was amazing. It blew me away. We said our goodbyes to Lonnie and the staff, and got into another cab and headed over to The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach for our meeting with them, as we are hosting our inaugural Laugh For Sight South Beach there on Dec. 17th. We took a walk around the hotel and saw the banquet halls where the benefit will be held. Wow, what a gorgeous hotel. Laugh For Sight South Beach is going to be stellar, so if you are in the area, mark your calendars for Dec. 17th. Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane are already confirmed for the benefit, and of course, Nash and I will be there.

After our meeting, my parents arrived at the hotel and boy was Nash excited to see them. He was wagging his tail all over the places and running in circles. We got into the car and began the trek from South Beach to Boynton Beach. Oh boy, you got to love Friday afternoon Florida traffic. Where’s the subway down here?

We had a nice dinner at Pizza Time in Boca, a fantastic restaurant, and a fave of my Dad’s. After dinner we finally got up to Boynton, just in time to see the start of that Yankee debacle. Season’s Over.

On Saturday, Nash the folks, and I headed over to the mall, as I wanted to checkout the Ipad, as I had heard good things. Unfortunately, with my vision,, I couldn’t see the Ipad, so the search for a new laptop/travel computer continues. We strolled around the mall for a bit, and Nash must hate malls as much as I do because he peed in the mall, and he never pees in doors. Not sure what caused it except maybe a loathing of the mall.

With the weekend over, it was time to get back to working on Laugh For Sight from my parents house. Working on the road is really difficult, as my computer is ancient, but work had to get done. Now, I can understand when a pretty woman comes over and wants to pet Nash and Nash pays her a lot of attention, but what I don’t get as I  was working out of my parents house, Nash decided to sit in my Dad’s office and beneath his desk all day while I worked in the other. Thanks a lot buddy, you finally are making me jealous. I guess it was nice for my Dad to get to spend the day with him, as Nash and I are off to L.A. tomorrow. No rest for the wicked, or something like that.

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