Nothing Like A Day of Filming in the O.C.

So Nash and I headed out on a quick 30 hour jaunt to the O.C. Where was Mischa Barton? And yeah, I am writing this with blind and tired eyes. We hadn’t flown out of Newark in years, but it was the only direct flight to Santa Ana airport, and living on the West Side of NYC, getting to Newark is easier than JFK, although the tolls will kill you. I normally like to fly Jetblue as I find their employees besides the one who went wacko and pulled the emergency slide to be the friendliest. We were flying Continental, and as we were standing outside, a guy came up to me, and started talking to me, ends up he was one of the mechanics for Continental, he took Nash and me to the doggy area, and Nash got to do his business. That’s now two airports that I have been to with doggy relief areas. Score a point for Newark. Ben then asked if I needed assistance to the gate which of course I did. We got to chatting on the way, and he is a hell of a nice guy. We got through security, and Ben bought me a coke. Jetblue you have competition for friendliest employees. He then sat and kept me company and introduced me to the flight attendants, and we hung out until the plane left. The plane ride was pleasant although I got the feeling that the guy sitting next to me didn’t like Nash invading his space. We have been doing a lot of flying, and have been very fortunate to have sat next to very nice dog loving people because Nash likes to stretch out when he is on a plane, and he doesn’t care about people’s personal space.

We arrived into Orange County on time, and a production assistant for the project I have been working on which I can’t discuss yet picked us up at the airport. Ian was a nice guy, reminded me a little of myself when I first started out in the business. We got to the Ayers hotel, got checked in and Ian helped me get settled in the room. When you’re blind, and you check into a hotel, you need people to show you where the thermostat is, especially if you’re like me and you like the room with frost on the windows. It was a nice sized room, a suite with a sitting area, and a bed area, oh boy, tons of stuff for me to walk into! After Ian left, I laid down to relax for a few minutes, and realized the room was still pretty hot, I decided to turn some lights on in the room, and after trying several of the switches none which worked, I was like are you kidding me, they put me in a room where the ac and lights don’t work?! Luckily, it was a small hotel and I was on the first floor and right around the corner from the front desk. I headed over and said, “it’s probably me, but none of the lights or the ac seems to work in my room.” The woman said, “were a green hotel,” and I said, “dpes that mean you don’t have electricity?” She laughed, and took me to my room, and showed me that you had to put your room key into a slot so that when you’re not in the room, it saves electricity. It’s big in Europe, and now California.

Around 5pm I headed to the lobby for their complimentary cocktail hour for some diet cokes. They had the Rangers/Rays game on, and I sat with some women from Dallas who were big Ranger fans. We watched the game until they left for dinner. Ends up the hotel didn’t serve dinner, only breakfast. I sat and watched more of the game and one of the employees told me they were making a run to In and Out Burger, and would I like anything? Wow, what a nice hotel. I had them pick me up a burger, and as I waiting for it, a lot of the crew showed up. I ended up sitting in on their production meeting, and it was interesting to hear everything they were working on, again, I can’t talk about it yet, but it is getting closer, and could be the end of November or first week of December, and tryst me, you won’t want to miss it, and I will let you know about it.

Nash and I headed off to bed, and Nash was in heaven because we had a king size bed. If I ever make any money again, I may have to get one of those, as they are damn comfortable, and Nash sure does seem to love the big bed. I slept ok, but was up at 5am, and Nash was stirring as he wanted to eat. Luckily, I got him to go back to bed and we slept a little longer, as we had a really long day ahead of us.

We got picked up around 10am, and headed to the set. I got caught up to speed on what we were doing, talk with the stars who weren’t named Brian or Nash, hey we even had a badge I had to wear that said TALENT BRIAN FISCHLER! That was pretty cool, but is a loose use of the word talent! They had a studio audience, but Nash and I were in the crew area, and I even got to sit in one of those big director chairs.

We did what we were there to do, and you would not believe in a million years what happened, and like I said before I can’t talk about it yet, but it was priceless, and couldn’t have been scripted. Of course the entire crew loved Nash, and I had to take his harness off when we were backstage so everyone could come up and pet him and say hello to the star. Nash had a fantastic time, as he got a ton of attention, and anyone who knows him knows what an attention junkie he is. Then it was time to go home.

We had to sit around at the airport for about three hours as we were taking the red eye back, and of course Nash stretched out on the entire flight home. Luckily, the woman sitting next to us claimed she didn’t mind, and she was very pleasant. No luggage and car service is the way to go, I highly recommend it. We got out of Newark quickly, got home, Nash got to do his business, then I got him fed, and guess what he did immediately after eating, he jumped into my bed. Great where am I going to sleep, as I got to get some zzzz’s!

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