Laugh For Sight 5 Recap, Oh What A Night!

Wow, what a night Laugh For Sight 5 on Monday, Sept. 20th at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Laugh For Sight the biggest and best yet. While the numbers won’t be finalized for a few weeks, we are thankful to everyone who attended and helped out with the benefit.

Thanks to VisionZone for being this year’s presenting sponsor in NYC, and we are looking forward to our inaugural LFS L.A. at the Melrose Improv on Nov. 9th. Thanks to Diageo and Patron for donating product that was served at the silent auction. Thanks to Guiding Eyes For the Blind for being on hand with their adorable puppies in training. Just like last year, thay were a huge hit. A special thanks to Michelle Brier, Susan Kroha, Meg, and Jaime. You guys are the best, keep up the great work. A very special thanks to Mark Liflander and his unbelievable talent as a photographer. Without your involvement, no one would believe these amazing nights even happened! Thanks to Mark Farrell from Rock 101.9. You really livened up the silent auction with your emceeing, and for those of you who could not attend, Mark led off the silent auction with, “welcome to Brian Fischler’s engagement party!” So I guess Nash and I are engaged which is weird, but I do love the guy.

The silent auction was a huge hit, and was completely packed. It was great to see so many people with guide dogs and canes attend this year’s benefit. As tonight was their night too! A very special thanks to Alix and Susan Michel, and all the great jewelery they got donated to Laugh For Sight. Their continued support makes Laugh For Sight possible. Thanks to all the companies that donated auction items to Laugh For Sight including Visionzone, Comedy Central, The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, The Jimmy Fallon Show, Kramer Portraits, Exhale Spa, Eli Manning, The NY Yankees, The NY Knicks, The NY Jets, The NY Islanders, The NJ Devils, The NJ Nets, The Metropolitan Opera, Second Stage, Time Out New York, Myoptics, The Philadelphia Flyers, and Harley-Davidson.

A very very special thanks to my gal Friday, Lis Perry, thank you so very much for streamlining everything and turning Laugh For Sight into a much more efficient organization. I don’t know where we would be with out you.

A very special thanks to my Veep, Scott Wartham, my eyes and Nash’s new best buddy.

Thanks to Fight For Sight for being involved with this year’s Laugh For Sight, and to Mike Wilke. A very special thanks to Gotham Comedy Club, without your continued support, there wouldn’t be a Laugh For Sight. A very special thanks to Chris Mazzilli, Laura Townell, Ed, Eric, Brad, and the entire staff at Gotham. You guys know you are the best.

Now for the nitty gritty. Aren’t I great at using out dated expressions and phrases? For those of you who missed this year’s comedy show, you missed an amazing night of comedy. Every comedian that donated their time was at the top of their game, and really brought it.

The lineup was amazing, as Ophira Eisenberg took the stage as this year’s emcee. Wow can she worked the crowd, and get everyone going. After Ophira, Nash and I took the stage. Nash was amazing considering how many people in the audience he knew. He is such an unbelievably trained dog, and keeps me at ease on stage. I was pretty happy with my set, and sad when it was over, as the rest of the night was relaxing for me. Jessica Kirson took the stage like a fireball, and was a gigantic hit. What I wouldn’t give to have her energy on stage. After Jessica came Todd Barry, his wit and smarts, what I wouldn’t give to have that to. Following Todd was our special surprise guest, Jim Gaffigan who had the crowd dying laughing about McDonald’s. Ophira continued to keep the night moving along and everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves when Dave Attell took the stage. Dave has got to be the hardest working comic out there, and how he keeps it fresh every night and hilarious amazes me. John Oliver came next, and he has got to be this continues best import from England. This guy is going places, oh wait, he already has! And then, legendary comic, Robert Klein took the stage. The crowd was falling out of their seats laughing, and were surprised when the two hour show ended. We ran a little over, but nobody noticed, as all of the comedians were absolutely amazing. I was very fortunate to share the stage with such an amazingly talened bunch of comedians. Thank you all so very much for making this such a special evening.

I’m sure I left someone out, and I do apologize, as I hate over looking anyone that contributed to our special evening. Well, instead of things being done until next year, we have our work cut out for us as we take on the new markets of Los Angeles and Miami. It should be an interesting few months.

Legendary Comedian Robert Klein, Guiding Eyes puppy, Nash, and Brian Fischler

2 Responses to “Laugh For Sight 5 Recap, Oh What A Night!”

  1. Robbin Says:

    Hi Brian. It was great to meet you and Nash and my sides still hurt from laughing! What a great show!!! I didn’t even realize it was over two hours. Wow!

    Robbin & Erie and Linda & Vassar

  2. Cafe Furniture : Says:

    i like to watch comedy shows and i also love standup comedy .

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