Laugh For Sight 5 is tomorrow 9/20 Gotham Comedy Club, NYC!!

Laugh For Sight 5 is tomorrow, September 20 at Gotham Comedy Club, NYC. There is a street fair on 8th Avenuer with a palm reader, and I am wondering if I should get Nash’s paws read to see how Laugh For Sight will go? Even though our lineup is always subject to change, heading into today we are confirmed with Dave Attell, Todd Barry, Ophira Eisenberg, Jessica Kirson, Robert Klein, John Oliver, and a very special comedian guest! Oh yeah, and Brian Fischler and Nash. We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that nothing eventful happens in the last 24 hours or so to affect the amazing all star lineup! The silent auction will begin at 7pm and the comedy show at 830pm. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling 212-367-9000. There may be a few tickets available for purchase at walk up, but your best bet is to get your reservations made if you haven’t already.

So, did you get to catch Nash and me on NBC’s Saturday Today in New York? I was pretty happy with the segment. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it online anywhere, so we will try and get it up in the coming week. We were also on Rock 101.9’s Frequency this morning talking about all things Laugh For Sight. Lis Perry, our amazing Director of Marketing and Public Relations was also on the show with us.

So what do you do the day before your fifth annual benefit? Promote, promote, and more promotion. You blog, tweet, and facebook, and hope for the best, as we have received all our items for the silent auction, all of the comedians are confirmed for their call times, the programs are ready, and we are waiting for deliveries to begin at Gotham tomorrow. Oh yeah, so I am stressing out, as you never know how the turn out will be until the actual auction and show starts. Keeping everything crossed that I can. Luckily today, I do have football to take my mine off things a little.

As always, follow us on our facebook page and on our twitter feed @laughforsight for the latest Laugh For Sight updated. I may get another blog in before the benefit, but things may get a little crazy, so the next blog may be post Laugh For Sight. To quote Charlie Sheen in the only Wall Street movie worth seeing, “Life comes down to several moments, this is one of them!”

One Response to “Laugh For Sight 5 is tomorrow 9/20 Gotham Comedy Club, NYC!!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    The Today show segment was great…..very informative and they seemed to give you a lot of time. We loved the Show…Laugh for Sight did not disappoint. It was wonderful as were you and Nash. Anyone who missed it should fly to LA or South Beach or at the very least get to next years!!

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