Nash the Nudist!

Last year my Aunt got Nash his first Yankee hat, and after several attempts to put it on him, he kept flinging it off, I eventually gave up. Every now and then, I put his booties on him, and guess what, he flings those off to. This past weekend, I tried putting another hat on him, no luck, and a little scarf, no luck again. I have come to one conclusion, my guide dog Nash is a nudist! Well, he is in great shape, and does like to lie around hanging out.

With Laugh For Sight being a week away, Scott, our co-founder and man on the ground in L.A. is in the city for the benefit. Nash was thrilled to see Scott and vice versa. Nash keeps giving Scott the puppy eyes, and every time Scott eats something, Nash stares at him, and tells him, sorry but your daddy won’t let me. Oh sure, make me sound like the bad guy. Scott took Nash for a nice long walk in Central Park today on his leash, and not with his harness, so Nash got to let the dog in him out, and get a little funky. I stayed at home so Nash could have some fun, and not have to be working. Nash got a heck of a work out and should sleep good tonight. Which is good, hopefully I will sleep good as well, as we have a really busy week ahead, as it is the week heading up to Laugh For Sight, and we do have our work cut out for us. We really need to promote, promote, and promote some more, as our work is never done. Tomorrow kicks off our media campaign, as I will be on Sirius XM at 1240PM Est on their comedy station talking about Laugh For Sight. Should be an interesting busy week, and I will keep you up to date leading up to the benefit.

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