Are You REady For Some Football

When you’re a kid, Labor Day Weekend sucks because it means school is starting and summer is over. When I was a kid it was even worst, as we only had three channels and the Jerry Lewis telethon was on every channel. Thank God times have changed, as an adult, Labor Day weekend means the return of college football! And we have games on more than three channels, wow how times have changed. Thursday night actually gave us an early start on the college football season, and it really bummed me out. Not the early start, but I judge how my vision is by the start of each college football season. Who needs a doctor visit. Well, I have to say my Thursday night check up didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I had great difficulty following the action on tv. Last year, was the first year where I was having a lot of problems watching football, but I could still follow the game a little. This year, the game was just a big blur. So much for high def tv, as it doesn’t make a difference to me whether it is high def or standard. Hey networks, instead of wasting your time and money with the ridiculous 3-D tv, how about looking into more descriptive programming, Oespecially with sports. Wishful thinking, as the blind seem to be an ignored minority.

On a side note, it is great to hear Erin Andrews, a Florida Gator is now on the college football morning show. I hear she looks pretty good doing it. Currently, trying to watch and enjoy my Gators opening game, unfortunately, all I see is a giant green blur. I am at least hoping that I will be able to see night games a little, as the glare from the tv is killing me, and yeah, I have been tested for cataracts, but unfortunately, I do not have it. They don’t know where my glare issues come from. Just like life, I have to do everything the hard way.

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