Laugh For Sight to be featured on NBC’s Today in New York!

We are excited to announce that Laugh For Sight will be featured on NBC’s Today in New York on September 18th or 19th. I am not sure if this segment will air nationally or just locally to NYC, but I will post an on line link once we have it. The segment will be about the history of Laugh For Sight, and our national expansion. Nash and I filmed a set Wednesday night at Gotham Comedy Club as part of the segment. We also had an added bonus as Lorraine, Nash’s puppy raiser and Betsy also a puppy raiser who puppy sat Nash came to the city for the show, and we got to catch up afterwards. I told them to see me after the show, as I needed to be in the zone for the taping. When we were on stage, I could tell exactly where they were sitting even though I can’t see anyone in the crowd, as Nash was looking in their direction. I told him there was a surprise in store for him, and we was exceptionally behaved on stage. Normally, I don’t mind him moving around and doing something that I don’t expect, as it allows me to ad lib, but for the taping, I really had to stick to my material. After the show, we went out and grabbed a drink and got caught up. Nash was so happy to see Lorraine and Betsy. They also got an added bonus as James Gandolfini was filming a HBO movie, Cinema Verite to air in 2012 right in front of Gotham Comedy Club. Damn Gandolfini prevented me from going outside during the show to do my usual pacing. I’ll have to have some words with Tony Soprano about that. Maybe we will have to have a sit down!

Laugh For Sight also got some great breaking news on Friday! National Geographic Channel’s “Dog Whisperer” star Cesar Millan’s charitable organization, the Millan Foundation has donated some of Cesar’s most popular training tools for our silent auction. I only have one thing to say about that… “Tsch!”

The silent auction for Laugh For Sight 5 is shaping up to be tremendous, and this year’s NYC benefit should be our biggest and most successful one yet. Get ready to get your laugh on as Laugh For Sight 5 is three weeks from Monday!

One Response to “Laugh For Sight to be featured on NBC’s Today in New York!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    We had a great time too! Always great to see you and Nash. Nash really kept his eyes on our table during your set. Made me feel all gooey inside. Can’t wait for LFS5. Gonna have to bring my check book – the silent auction is really shaping up!

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