If I Don’t Take Your Call Now You Know Why!

It’s raining and in the high 60’s in NYC and Nash and I are loving it! Hey, its been an absolutely brutal summer, and if you were wearing a fur coat all summer in this heat, you would be loving this change of weather to.  Nash seems to have had a big smile on his face all day, and since I had the window opened, he was lying so the air from outside would hit him. I just hopes this weather lasts even with the rain, as nobody ever said to me if you can’t take the heat than get out of NYC this summer. It’s a shame because we have done so much traveling this year, except for the summer, so we were stuck here. It has been so hot that I am surprised neither Nash or I burst into flames.

I know, enough about the weather, it has been hot everywhere.  This Wednesday night, Nash and I will be performing at Gotham Comedy Club and it will be filmed as part of a segment that will air in September on NBC’s Today in New York. The show at Gotham is at 9pm, and the segment which I will blog about as it gete about Nash and my stand up comedy, Visionzone, and the national expansion of Laugh For Sight, and if you haven’t noticed, Laugh For Sight 5 at Gotham is a month from today, 9/20/10!

Since my vision has gotten a lot worst, I have been forced to answer the home phone not knowing who is calling as I cannot read the caller ID. Well, today, I finally broke down, and bought a talking caller ID. YES! Now I can get back to screening my calls. Free at last, free at last! I’m interested to see how this thing works, as they told me that it speaks the calls out loud even when you are on the other line. Isn’t technology great.

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