We the Blind Need A Stronger Lobby, Or A Lobby!

Now I am not calling for a march on Washington, but you would think when one googles Groups That Lobby For the Blind, you would get at least one worthwhile search result. The closest hits in relevance to my search was “Group Turns Blind Eye” which I used my powers of deduction to realize that it had nothing to do with what I was looking for. The other closest result had something to did with a lobby against silent hybrid cars. Now, I am sure that there are some worth while groups out there doing some lobbying to help make blind and visually impaired peoples lives better, but pardon the pun, I don’t see it anywhere. What got me going on this search for a blind lobby group? I read earlier in the week that GLAD has actually put so much pressure on CBS that CBS is adding three gay character’s to some of their prime time shows. Made me think, hey it would be nice to see more blind character’s on tv. I know I touched on this topic about a week ago, but it got me thinking, it is amazing how powerful GLAD is, and blindness which is supposedly the greatest fear in the world, more than Aids and Cancer doesn’t have a strong lobby. You would think someone would pick up on this. For example, several years ago, the Supreme Court rules that U.S. Treasury must make bills more accessible to the blind, of course, I went to research this and learned that the U.S. Treasury doesn’t have to implement this until the next time they reissue bills. Great, how often does that happen? You would think if you had a lobby group hitting them up and putting pressure on them to act, this might actually happen in my lifetime. I can rant and rave about more issues, but that will get me nowhere as I have no one to take these issues to a higher authority. And don’t even get me started on what a disappointment Governor Patterson in NY has been to the people, and especially the blind people. For those of you who do not know, he is blind, and hasn’t done much to help the blind community.

Now, on a more positive note, your Nashdate. Nash had his yearly vet checkup, and he is completely healthy. Funny thing, as the vet takes him into this back room, and does a bunch of tests and stuff, and they told me that Nash wanted to play every time they tried to do something. He does have the friendliest most loving personality. His ears got a clean bill of health which is a first, as he always had ear infections, but I guess the allergy meds are working, and he will continue to take them. Thank God the Animal Medical Centrer provides free health care and free meds for guide dogs, or this could get expensive. His weight is fantastic as he is 67.5 pounds which is right where he should be, and was a big concern of mine a year ago, as he was like 78 pounds. He can now get an extra quarter cup of food a day. Which was my next question ads soon as I heard his weight was good, as he inhales his food at every meal, licks every last drop of the bowl, then flings the bowl around the kitchen making sure he gets every last drop. If you have not seen or heard Nash eat, it is quite the experience.

On the bus ride to the AMC everyone kept commenting how good looking Nash is, and kept asking what’s “HER” name? I guess when you are as good looking as Nash, people assume you are a woman. On the way back, we got on the bus and the driver said, “there’s another guide dog in the first seat.” Ends up it was a grad from Guiding Eyes and the February class, one of the classes that I was supposed to be in, but had to postpone. We compared a few notes on the ride, and he is very happy with his second dog from Guiding Eyes. His dog seemed to just lay there for the whole bus ride while Nash was sitting up checking out all the people, and looking out the windows. Like I said, I guess it is in the personality, as Nash is a social butterfly.

2 Responses to “We the Blind Need A Stronger Lobby, Or A Lobby!”

  1. Robbin Says:

    My vet always laments that Labs are the breed that loves to eat the most of any other kind of dog. Unfortunately they are also the ones that gain weight the easiest. I have to keep convincing my boy, Paxton, that he has to exercise with me if he wants to eat more! LOL

    No comment on Governor P…

  2. blindgator Says:

    I must be your polar opposite, as Nash has to convince me to exercise more!

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