The Guide Dog and the Little Monkey

It’s been a hectic few days, as the schedule has been pretty busy. Friday night Nash and I went out to see a friend who volunteers at Guiding Eyes For the Blind’s buddies jazz band play. They were fantasic, and the big question of whether or not Nash would like the loud music was answered with a resounding yes. The band was so good, that we are talking to them to perform during the silent auction portion of Laugh For Sight in NYC.

Saturday night, Nash and I were invited to the 20th Anniversary screening and VIP party for Goodfellas with an intro by Henry Hill, who Ray Liotta portrays in Goodfellas. I have known Henry for years, as I did research for his book, The Goodfellas Guide to New York. Henry has also donated autogrpahed Goodfella posters for Laugh For Sight in the past, and is doing so again. You would be amazed how popular they are. I had not seen Henry in years, and I actually skipped the screening of the movie. I have seen the movie a million times, and I am blind now, so sitting in a theater for three hours not being able to see would probably be pretty frustrating. Nash and I showed up right after the party started at and yes this is not a typo, and it is real, The Museum of the American Gangster. Unfortunately, the museum which is in an old speak easy was closed for the night, and only the bar area was opened. Henry gave me a big hug when he saw me, and I am happy to report that neither Nash or I was whacked! After the party, we went around the corner to a restaurant, and I guess Henry knew the people who owned the place because he went back into the kitchen and started cooking. He is an exceptional cook, and has his own pasta sauce coming out some time. He made little pizzas for the group of us that were out, and they were amazing. Sorry, no pizza for Nash, as he doesn’t get to eat human food. Somebody got a raw deal.

On Sunday, it was off to New Jersey as my parents had driven up from Florida to babysit my 20 month old niece. My sister and her husband went on vacation to a resort in the Dominican. A year ago, I probably would have just taken the train down to Livingston, NJ, but unfortunately, my vision has deterioated to where it is difficult for me to take NJ Transit, as they are not the most accomodating of public transportation services out there. Besides what is one more state North for my parents as they came all the way from Florida. Also, they had brought with them the framed painting of Nash that my Mom had done. If you haven’t seen the picture of it, it is amazing and was posted in an earlier blog and on my facebook page. We headed back to NJ for me to spend a few nights with my favorite little monkey, Siena. When we first got there, Siena was real shy around Nash and me. Hey, Nash weighes three times as much as her, and I can’t even do the math for how much more I weigh. She did warm up later in the day, and it’s appropriate that I nicknamed her my favorite little monkey a year ago, because she loves to climb now. She also loves running all over her house, and the pitter patter of her little feet remind me of a cartoon character. On a down note, it is pretty depressing that I can’t see her, and you can’t really ask me to watch her, as she gets into a lot of things, and I can’t see what she is doing. I don’t have to see to be able to tell that you have never ever seen a kid with so many toys. They were neatly put away until she got into them, making a constant obstacle course for the blind guy. She also talks a lot now, although I couldn’t seem to pick up a lot of it. I was able to tell that her favorite word while her Mom and Dad are out of twon is Baba which she calls my Mom, her Grandma. She calls me Uncle B, and she even can say Nash, and nice doggy. Her third favorite word is Elmo, and even though she only gets to watch a few minutes of tv a day, it was all Elmo all the time. The funniest thing is when you ask her where her belly button is, and she picks up a shirt, great, I got a niece who likes to flash you. Something tells me the parents are going to regret that in 18 years and on Spring Break. Nash did get a little jealous around Siena, as she gets all the attention, but he was very well behaved, and did not even attempt to pick up one of her toys or dolls. You could even tell that he was looking after her, but he would come over and give everyone a lick and say what about me? By day three out in NJ, Siena and Nash were fast pals. In the morning, they were playing together, as she would get into her toy car, and wave goodbye to Nash and then stroll away. They even had a playdate in her room, just the two of them. Nash kept following her all around the house, and Siena did seem to enjoy it. When Nash and I were in the kitchen, little Siena brought Nash’s bone in to the kitchen for him. She even tried to give him his bone into his mouth. Pretty amazing considering she was standoffish three days earlier, and pretty amazing how well behaved and trained Nash was, so anyone thinking about getting a guide dog who has an infant, they go really well together. It struck me on day three, that Siena really loved Elmo, and amazingly with all of her toys, she didn’t have an Elmo doll. Well, that was it, Uncle B had to rectify the situation, and we headed to Toy’s R’us, and Siena now has an Elmo doll. I was even nice to her parents, as I got her an Elmo doll that doesn’t speak. Hey somebody is getting in early on being the cool favorite Uncle. Oh yeah, did I mention I was visiting with my parents, it was nice to see them to!

5 Responses to “The Guide Dog and the Little Monkey”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    What a great blog. Made me smile and caused my left eye to leak a bit.

  2. blindgator Says:

    You might want to get that eye checked out. LOL. Glad you enjoyed the blog.

  3. Barbara Says:

    I completely understand the blog being 99% about Siena and Nash. They are the best!!!! Siena loves her Elmo. Walks around with him a lot. It was Great seeing you Brian.

  4. blindgator Says:

    I understand that it is all about the little rugrat, but I don’t think Nash does, hence his jealous side, and sticking his nose everywhere. I can’t stop saying Elmo!

  5. Barbara Fischler Says:

    you are the best uncle!!!

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