Does a guide dog protect you from an alient abduction?

My apologies to the state of Arizona, as I am not talking about those kind of alients, but rather the E.T. kind. I had a really bizarre experience last night, and no, I did not see a UFO. I am blind and live in NYC, not rural Iowa where all the UFO  sightings seem to happen. Before I get into what happened last night, I just recalled a funny scary thing that happened to me in the nineties when I lived in L.A., I was getting ready to get an apartment with a guy that I had met over the summer of 1994. He had gone back to his home state, of all states, Iowa, and he was supposed to be back in L.A. so we could sign our lease, but he never showed up. Now this was before everyone had cell phones, so I couldn’t just call him. He ended up showing up a few days later, I thought nothing of it, as we were both in our twenties and flaky. We signed our least, and less than an hour later, he says to me, “do you know why I didn’t get back to L.A. on time?” I said, “no,” and he tells me he started to head out to L.A., blacked out and woke up on the side of the rode in Nebraska! OK! Then he goes on to say, “I was abducted by aliens!” This is not a joke. I was thinking, and you couldn’t have told me this before we signed the lease. So a few month’s go by of living together with no problems, and then…He comes home from work one day, I was playing Nintendo, as he runs up and shuts the blinds, he begins pacing back and forth and chain smoking, and he keeps saying, “they’re back and they’re after me!” I was pretty freaked out, as I am whose back and who is after you? He says, “the aliens,” and he continues pacing back and forth and peeking out the window. Now, I am really freaked out, and I say the smartest thing that I probably have ever said. I said, “am I in danger?” He says, “No, they just want me!” So I weent back to playing Ninetendo. He did continue this behavior for a few hours at which time, I called his Mom, and she told me to take him to the hospital and have him committed, ends up he was diagnosed as being bi-polar. I was so disappointed, as I was hoping to have a roommate who aliens were after, which brings me to last night. I take an ambien and I fall asleep. I wake up thinking it is morning, and I start to freak out as I hear voices in my apartment. I’m franticalls say hello, hello, thinking there is someone in my apartment, then I was like Nash sic Nash sic. Of course, he doesn’t know that command. Then as I come out of an ambien induced haze, it hits me, the tv is on. I fell asleep with the tv on. Damn, no aliens. Which got me to thinking, does Guiding Eyes For the Blind train their guide dogs to protect their handlers against possible alien abduction?

On a more pleasant relaxing note, Nash and I had a nice wal kto the pet store today, as we had to pick him up pet some food and snacks. It was toasty out, but Nash did seem to enjoy the walk. Funny how they offered Nash water at the pet store, but not me. Don’t we humans get hot to? I declined the offer, as I didn’t want Nash to drink out of a bowl that a ton of dogs could have been drinking out of, and we would be home shortly where he has his own water. While I have been constantly complaining about the NYC heat wave, Nash has been his typical well behaved self, making little noise, and never groaning or complaining, now if I could just get him to be on the look out for aliens, all would be fine!

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