Daddy Needs Some Nash Love!

Its been a rough few days, so you can imagine how today started when first thing this morning I couldn’t find my keys, and I find myself  saying, “Nash, did you eat my keys?” Never a fun way to start the day. When you are blind, everything has its own place,  that way you don’t lose things. I am pretty good about putting my keys, cell, and wallet in the same place, but some how my system failed me, as my keys have vanished. After walking Nash, I got to spend the first part of my morning on my hands and knees searching possible places my keys could have gotten to. Amazingly, I did not find my keys, but did discover that I do have a backup set of keys, which is pretty funny because I did not remember having them. I finally had to call off the search, as I had a lot of stuff to get done for Laugh For Sight. With the holiday weekend coming up, and under three months until Laugh For Sight NYC Sept. 20th, we are in full gear. Unfortunately, a lot of full gear is waiting to hear back from people. My big goal in life is to become a person that other people have to wait back to hear from, as I am tired of being on the other side of that equation. It amazes me that people still use the excuse for not calling you back that I was out of town. And unfortunately, I am not in a position to say to them, you know they have this amazing new invention called the cell phone, and you can take it with you wherever you go! So besides playing the waiting game, what else has me so frustrated? Well, my vision is again getting worse, as now, even with the color filter on the computer screen, I can barely see the screen because of the glare. Amazing that only a few short month’s ago, I did not even need to use a color filter to see the computer. I can also not really see tv anymore. One of the things I discovered this weekend, is I cannot see anything watching a day baseball game on tv, as the glare is to much for me on the tv. I am also having great difficulty seeing really dark scenes on tv, or really bright scenes on tv. More frustration. Then this afternoon when I got ready to take Nash out, I walked face first into one of my bookcases. I did not need that. Oh, did I mention that my computer keeps freezing, and that the keyboard keeps sticking making typing difficult as it keeps leaving out letters. So yeah, daddy needs some Nash love! I tried to teach Nash to give me hugs for days like today. A Nash hug would be when he puts his head over one shoulder, and a paw over the other, but he doesn’t seem to like doing it, even though I keep trying to teach him. I put my hands around his neck, and then lift one of his paws and put it on my shoulder, but he doesn’t really seem to like it. So, as an alternative to get some Nash love, I g now get into my bed, and have Nash come up, and he either sits on me, or lays up against me, and he cups his bead over one of my hands. It is pretty cute, and he is so affection, I just have to play his game to get some Nash love some times.

2 Responses to “Daddy Needs Some Nash Love!”

  1. Betsy Hutchings Says:

    Hey Brian,

    I am one of the Fingerlakes puppy raisers. I raised one of Nash’s cousins, J.R., and am now raising Sugar. Like you, I appreciate when my puppy is affectionate. Sometimes Sugar lets me hold her paw while we nap but mostly she likes to throw herself down beside me and cuddle as close as she can. I hope that her partner- to-be appreciates her snuggliness!

    Hang in there (I’m on the same side of the equation as you are; it can be very frustrating!)



  2. blindgator Says:

    Hey Betsy,

    I know who you are by name as you have commented here before. That is co cute, as Nash lets me hold his paws all the time. I will even play with his back paws. His paws are so soft and smooth. Nash does so many cute things. One thing I thought of is when I role over and lean on top of him how he scoots his way out from underneath. It is so cute and funny, as he is like a big inchworm, and not to worry, I dont put nearly all my weight on him!

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