The new Yankee Stadium isn’t your father’s Yankee Stadium!

Nash, my friend Scott, and I headed to Nash’s first Yankee game and my first game in the new Yankee Stadium, For the past year, I kept getting to say the last Yankee game I went to was the final game in the real Yankee Stadium. While I did enjoy getting to say this, I think I knew it wasn’t the real reason why I hadn’t been to a Yankee game in over a year. I used to go to 5 to 6 games a year.  We got on the subway at 53rd and began our trek up to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium. We left about three hours before the game, as we wanted to have plenty of time to check out the new stadium. For those of you not familiar with the new stadium, there are a couple of museums, monument park where all the retired numbers are and plaques of all the great Yankees, and a ton of restaurants. One cool thing when we got there, our tickets were at will call and the disabled seating will call is the same window as where the players leave tickets for people, so that was kind of cool. They even had a handicapp entrance, which is nice as you don’t have to wait in the long line to get into the stadium. It was also Mariano Rivera statue night, so I got a cool little statue to put on my desk, hopefully I won’t knock this one over like I did with the last one I got of Lou Gehrig. I have a Lou Gehrig statue on my desk with no arms now!

The first thing we did once we got into the stadium is we went to Monument Park. I had been to Monument Park several times in the old stadium. I even sat out for a game in Monument Park during Old Timer’s Day one year. Nash really enjoyed Monument Park, so much so that I was a little worried that he was going to relieve himself.

Nash and me in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium

Even though the number 42 currently retired in Monument Park is for Jackie Robinson, I found it appropriate to pose in front of the picture on Mariano Rivera night, as he in the only player who still wears the number 42 in baseball as he was Grandfathered in. I guess when Mo retires there will be two number 42’s out in Monument Park.

After going to Monument Park, we headed off to one of the museums in the stadium. It didn’t bother me, but Scott was quite annoyed as there weren’t signs to where anything was in the stadium, and even though every employee was really nice to us, and no one said or questioned me about Nash, every employee told us a different answer how to get to the museum. Nash did enjoy all the time it took us to get there, as I had to keep pulling on his leash to stop him from trying to eat all the hot dog wrappers and other stuff that was on the ground. I do have to give the Yanks credit though, as the new stadium was a lot cleaner than the old one. We stood in line for the museum, but the line didn’t move, and we wanted to check out the rest of the stadium before the game, so we ditched the museum, and headed up to the NY Steak house.

We found our way to the NY Steak House and walked in when I heard something that I never would have thought I would have heard in a million years at a Yankees game. The hostess said to me, “Can you please remove your hat?” And I was wearing a Yankees hat at Yankee Stadium at a Yankees game. This is not your father’s Yankee Stadium. Babe Ruth must be rolling over in his grave! My response to the hostess was “seriously?!” Once I knew she was serious, I did remove my hat, but kept laughing about it. I even asked how Red Sox’s fans respond to be asked to remove their hats, as I do imagine the REd Soxs fans would think they were being asked to remove it because it was a Red Soxs hat. How bizarre, wearing a baseball cap to a baseball game.

We got a drink at the bar. I got a jack and coke, and laughed because I realized this was the first legal jack and coke I had ever had a Yankees game. Hey pre 9/11 when I was a lot younger, we used to smuggle booze into the games. It was a different time, and like I said I was a lot younger. While we had our drink, a bunch of people came up to compliment Nash on how gorgeous he is. It must be tough being Nash, he is always getting complimented. We then headed off to our seats up in the third level but behind home plate. Here is Nash at his seat of his first Yankee game.

Nash at his first Yankee game

Now I can’t see these pictures so you will have to confirm if the pics tell the story. We got to our seats, and Nash sat with his butt to the game. I told him to turn around, and I think he gave me a look that said, hey I don’t even watch these guys play on tv at home, why do you think I would want to watch them play live? I kept getting Nash to try and turn around and face the game, then Scott filled me in on what Nash was watching. He was watching the people behind us eat! I guess you can take a guide dog to a Yankees game, but you can’t take the dog out of guide dog!

Nash watching people eat rather than the Yankees

We watched the game from our seats for six innings, but then I couldn’t take anymore, as I could not see anything, and I could not follow the game, so it was quite frustrating, and the realization of why I hadn’t been to a Yankees game in so long sunk in. I know that my vision had gotten to the point where another I enjoyed to do, I can no longer enjoy, going to a baseball game.

We headed back to the NY Steak house where I could at least hear the game while being at the game, and as soon as we walked in, guess what, I was asked to remove my hat. Like I said, the new Yankee Stadium is not your father’s Yankee Stadium.

6 Responses to “The new Yankee Stadium isn’t your father’s Yankee Stadium!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    This blog is both humerous and heart breaking. When I was watching the game (I didn’t make it to the end either; just for a different reason), I was wondering if you were listening to the game on the radio so you could get a play by play.

    I can’t believe you were asked to remove your YANKEE hat at YANKEE Stadium! Do they still have ‘Hat Day’ at the park?
    The first thing I noticed in the pictures was Nash not watching the game. I was so proud. Too bad Scott had to burst my bubble saying Nash was really watching people eat.

    The pictures are really great. Thanks for posting them. It’s always nice to see you and Nash together.

    By the way, who won?

  2. blindgator Says:

    Thanks Lorraine. Glad you enjoyed the pics. The Yanks won, so that was nice. I bet when you were raising Nash, you never imagined that he would get to go to all these places, and live such a great fun life.

  3. flix Says:

    You and Nash made my morning! what a star!
    Thank you for a great article and for confirming an idea I got when I went to the world cup Soccer friday night in joburg South Africa to watch Ghana play Uruguay and had a brainwave!
    Hope to see more of you guys at future games!!

  4. blindgator Says:

    So what was your idea and is the vuvuzela as annoying in person as it is on tv? And on that note, GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. flix Says:

    lol!! vuvuzelas are the best thing about being at a game!! and have been around forever ~ Michelangelo even painted them in the Sistine Chapel!!
    LADUMA!! and here’s to a Germany / Netherlands final!

  6. blindgator Says:

    Just because they have been around forever doesn’t make them good. I couldn’t see sitting in the stands for a whole game listening to them. The only good thing about the U.S. being knocked out of World Cup is that I never have to hear the vuvuzela again!

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