Where Does A Guide Dog Go To the Bathroom At Yankee Stadium?

Nash is very excited as he is heading to his first Yankee game tonight. Although he is a little pissed, as he thinks interleague play is worst than Communism. Hey, Nash is a traditionalist when it comes to baseball. Since I have not been to the new stadium yet, as my last game was the final game in the real Yankee Stadium, we are heading to the Stadium nice and early to check everything out. Since we are going so early, I know Nash is eventually going to have to use the bathroom while at the game, plus who knows how many beers Nash will drink? Kidding about the beers, as they are too expensive.  I just hope Nash doesn’t run on the field and attack Derek Jeter!

Scott is in town until tomorrow, and Nash has really liked having him here.Scott took Nash out for a nice walk yesterday where Nash was able to be a dog and enjoy himself. Scott loves how Nash has to sniff everything and lick everything. Every time Scott has something in his hand, Nash has to see what it is. Not to worry Guiding Eyes peeps, Scott knows not to feed Nash anything, as I am the only one who feeds the Nashster. Nash is making me a little jealous with all the attention he pays to Scott, but Scott does tell me Nash always keeps one eye on me. Good to see the Nashster knows what his priority is.

2 Responses to “Where Does A Guide Dog Go To the Bathroom At Yankee Stadium?”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Brian, Nash, and Scott,

    I hope you all have/had a great time at the game. As I care nout about Houston, I’ll root for the Yankees tonight. I can’t believe I just said that out loud. Maybe I’ll spot you on TV. I’m sure Nash will be his usual good boy self. Hey, maybe he’ll catch a foul ball!

    Go Yankees! (gag)

  2. blindgator Says:

    Sorry, no foul ball for Nash, and he did try and eat everything off the ground at the stadium. Thank God the new stadium is much cleaner than the old stadium

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