Clean Bill of Health

Nash had a follow up appointment with the doggy dermatologist today as he has had chronic ear infections. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? I’ll assume the good, his ear infection is completely gone, and his weight is right on target at 70 pounds, it’s good to see one of us is in good shape. The bad news is Nash has allergies, and I am going to have to give him two pills twice a day, and rub a cream on his lower lip. More good news for Nash though, as the doggy dermatologist suggested putting the pills in cheese, so he will get more snacks during the day.  We do not have to go back to see the doggy dermatologist for 4 to 6 months, and I do have to give a shout out to the Animal Medical Center for their free guide dog health care, and all the free meds for Nash, as this would be a costly lifestyle if it wasn’t for them.

On the bus ride back all the people on the bus kept commenting how good looking Nash is, and of course, I told them, “don’t worry, he knows it!” Hey, I can’t let Nash get a big head, as he already thinks he is the boss.

Going back to our L.A. trip, a couple of things I forgot to mention, Nash was thinking it is much better to be a guide dog than a person because when we go through security at the airport, he doesn’t have to take his paws off!

I also forgot to mention when we were at the BBQ on Sunday, who ever was grilling dropped a hot dog on the ground, and Nash immediately ran over and scooped it up. I guess it was too hot for him because he quickly dropped it, and my friend Steve saw and scooped it up before Nash could let it cool off and eat it. Nash does not get to eat human food, and I don’t want him to het into the habit of doing so, as I know it would be impossible to break. Michelle from Guiding Eyes said to me, “well maybe Nash learned a lesson not to eat things off the ground.” Unfortunately he didn’t as the next day Nash tried to eat a pebble, and I had to take it out of his mouth. I don’t know why Nash has to try and eat everything, but he is like a little kid, and puts everything in his mouth. He is technically no longer a puppy as he is three, so I guess he is not going to grow out of it.

2 Responses to “Clean Bill of Health”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Brian,
    Aren’t the pills chewable, meaty flavored? A lot of commercial dog meds are but I know a lot of prescription meds aren’t. When we had to pill Nash, which wasn’t often, he let me open his mouth and put the pill down his throat. Either way, stuffed with cheese or direct dosing, I’m sure he’ll be great.
    What’s he allergic to anyway?

  2. blindgator Says:

    The allergy pills are actually the same pills that people would take, so they are not chewable. Actually Nash seems to not like to open his mouth for these pills. Unfortunately, we do not know what he is allergic to, maybe me!

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