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Lickee the Pooh!

June 30, 2010

It’s been a few months, but Nash has yet another nickname, Lickee the Pooh! What else can you call a dog as affection and flirtatious at Nash. I have to warn parents of kids who want to pet by saying, “he will lick you.” Nash is constantly licking me and everything in sight. They told us at Guiding Eyes that we could try and get our dogs to stop licking, but that it is their way of showing affection. In Nash’s case, he may be the most affectionate dog of all time! Nash will even give me sneak attack licks. These normally happen when I am laying on the couch and giving him a tummy rub. If I lean over, a big tongue will pop up for a slurp. It’s funny because before Nash, I hated when dogs licked me. I was like YUCK! Now I have a dog that licks me daily, and I let lick my face. I guess it is a little different when it is your dog, or Nash, Lickee the Pooh! Just a short one today.


Daddy Needs Some Nash Love!

June 29, 2010

Its been a rough few days, so you can imagine how today started when first thing this morning I couldn’t find my keys, and I find myself  saying, “Nash, did you eat my keys?” Never a fun way to start the day. When you are blind, everything has its own place,  that way you don’t lose things. I am pretty good about putting my keys, cell, and wallet in the same place, but some how my system failed me, as my keys have vanished. After walking Nash, I got to spend the first part of my morning on my hands and knees searching possible places my keys could have gotten to. Amazingly, I did not find my keys, but did discover that I do have a backup set of keys, which is pretty funny because I did not remember having them. I finally had to call off the search, as I had a lot of stuff to get done for Laugh For Sight. With the holiday weekend coming up, and under three months until Laugh For Sight NYC Sept. 20th, we are in full gear. Unfortunately, a lot of full gear is waiting to hear back from people. My big goal in life is to become a person that other people have to wait back to hear from, as I am tired of being on the other side of that equation. It amazes me that people still use the excuse for not calling you back that I was out of town. And unfortunately, I am not in a position to say to them, you know they have this amazing new invention called the cell phone, and you can take it with you wherever you go! So besides playing the waiting game, what else has me so frustrated? Well, my vision is again getting worse, as now, even with the color filter on the computer screen, I can barely see the screen because of the glare. Amazing that only a few short month’s ago, I did not even need to use a color filter to see the computer. I can also not really see tv anymore. One of the things I discovered this weekend, is I cannot see anything watching a day baseball game on tv, as the glare is to much for me on the tv. I am also having great difficulty seeing really dark scenes on tv, or really bright scenes on tv. More frustration. Then this afternoon when I got ready to take Nash out, I walked face first into one of my bookcases. I did not need that. Oh, did I mention that my computer keeps freezing, and that the keyboard keeps sticking making typing difficult as it keeps leaving out letters. So yeah, daddy needs some Nash love! I tried to teach Nash to give me hugs for days like today. A Nash hug would be when he puts his head over one shoulder, and a paw over the other, but he doesn’t seem to like doing it, even though I keep trying to teach him. I put my hands around his neck, and then lift one of his paws and put it on my shoulder, but he doesn’t really seem to like it. So, as an alternative to get some Nash love, I g now get into my bed, and have Nash come up, and he either sits on me, or lays up against me, and he cups his bead over one of my hands. It is pretty cute, and he is so affection, I just have to play his game to get some Nash love some times.

Laugh For Sight 5 NYC 9/20/10 and The Inaugural LFS L.A. 11/9/10 Announced!!

June 25, 2010

Greetings all,

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I have been talking about some big announcements coming about some things I have been involved with, and Laugh For Sight. Well, here is the first of many new exciting announcements, Laugh For Sight is expanding to Los Angeles!! Oh yeah, and we are also in serious talks, and close to announcing a Laugh For Sight South Beach for December 2010. So you can see, the Nashster and I have been a little busy.

Laugh For Sight 5 is set for Monday, September 20, 2010 at the World Famous Gotham Comedy Club. Legendary Comedian Robert Klein will be returning, and one of the funniest woman in comedy, Jessica Kirson will be making her first appearance at Laugh For Sight. More of the lineup will be announced in the coming weeks, along with the start times of the silent auction and comedy show.

We are very excited to announce our Inaugural Laugh For Sight L.A. to be held on November 9m 2010 at the Melrose Improv in Hollywood, CA. Expanding to L.A. was a goal from the very beginning of Laugh For Sight, and we are very excited to announce Alonzo Bodden as our first L.A. comedian to sign on for the benefit. We will be announcing more detials about this benefit throughout the summer,

With Laugh For Sight’s expansion comes new partnerships. We have partnered with Fight For Sight, a 46 year old organization which funds scientists who are in the beginning of their careers, and working in the filed of curing visual diseases. We are very excited to be working with Fight For Sight. We have also partnered with Optelec’s VisionZone, the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of technological tools for the visually impaired. We will again be donating proceeds from Laugh For Sight to Guiding Eyes For the Blind, and we are quite hopefully that with our new partnerships we will be able to significantly raise more money and more awareness on a national level.

To learn more about Laugh For Sight, please visit our website at The site will be under going a major update in the coming weeks, and if you would like to get involved with Laugh For Sight please send an email to We are always open to new ideas and suggestions, and always looking for people to help with corporate sponsorships and donations.

And not to worry, Nash will be headlining all the benefits!

The Only Time You Will Hear Me Say, “Thank God It Is Summer!”

June 22, 2010

Nash and I headed out for our evening jaunt, and my doorman Abby said, “it’s starting to rain.” I didn’t think twice as just like some people can’t walk and chew gum, I can’t walk with Nash and carry an umbrella. Hey, there are some things people just can’t do. So we get on to 53rd street, and start to tell Nash to find his spot. Some times there are spots open, and some times there aren’t, and for some odd reason, I think I have to tell Nash to “find a spot, find a spot,” and that he understands. and knows it means find a place to go to the bathroom. Well, every time I said “find a spot,” it started raining harder and harder. We got half way down 53rd, and no spot, but it kept raining harder and harder. We went all the way around the corner, and headed to 52nd, it was now monsooning. We start walking down 52nd, and the rain is coming down, and sure enough the side walk is closed for construction. Unbelievable, forget about hailing a cab, we are going to need an Ark to the apartment.  It is raining so hard that Nash who usually loves the rain is running for cover. We would get under something that was blocking the rain, and Nash would not want to march on.  We eventually got up 52nd and back across, and Nash was able to do his business. I had never heard Nash shake himself dry as many times as he did tonight. We got back to my apartment, and began Nash’s favorite past time, getting dried off. He loves the towel, and thinks it is a game. The only thing I could say about the whole adventure was thank God it was summer!

Happy Father’s Day to all the guide dog daddy’s out there

June 20, 2010

It is Nash and my second Father’s Day together, and I am not one for the Hallmark holidays, but this year, I am thinking about things a little differently. When Nash and I first got together, I would always chuckle every time I would say a sentence to him that included the word Daddy in it. I thought it absolutely ludicrous to refer to one as a father to a dog. Then time went by and I really got to tknow the Nashster. I found my self frequently saying things to Nash like, “come to daddy,” “who’s daddy’s cute little friend,” “daddy’s tired,” “daddy’s coming to bed,” and so one and so on. You can say in the year and a few month’s that Nash and I have been together, I have gotten over my original bias of referring to yourself as a daddy or mommy for a dog. I believe I have changed my way of thinking as a Dad as only someone who physically gives birth to someone to a Dad being someone who cares for and takes care of someone, like I do with Nash. So to all the Men out there who take care of a guide dog, Happy Father’s Day, and yes that sentence doesn’t sound so silly to me anymore.

Am I Giving Nash To Much Credit?

June 16, 2010

Nash has allergies, so I have to give you two kinds of pills twice a day. He doesn’t really mind the smaller pill, as it is cut in half, but the bigger one, fuggetaboutit! It’s funny because Nash likes putting everything in his mouth except the bigger pill. I have to constantly tell him when we are outside to leave it and to not eat it. What can I say, even though he is three, he will always be a puppy. Ok, so maybe I baby him, and Nash is a daddy’s boy. To make the pull taking more pleasant for Nash, I picked up some of those cheese cubes from the grocery store. Now I don’t know if I am giving Nash to much credit, or if he really is that smart, but at least I’m not patronizing him. At pill time each day, I go and get a cheese cube, of course Nash follows me in to the kitchen. He then follows me to the bathroom where the pills are. Out of repect for him, I close the bathroom door, as I don’t want him to see me putting the pills into the cheese. He’s a really smart dog, and I think if he sees me putting the pills in the cheese then he won’t want to eat it. So, am I giving him to much credit?

Big week for Laugh For Sight, as we have announced both dates for Laugh For Sight 5 at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City on 9/20/10 and our inaugural LFS L.A. is set for 11/9/10 at the Melrose Improv. Legendary Comedian Robert Klein will be returning for LFS 5, and we have begun contacting several comedians for both benefits, so check back often for updates. Please check out for a running blog about Laugh For Sight. The blog is under my name and listed on the site under blogs. You can also create a profile on visionzone, and network with other visually impaired people and their families from all around the world. Please check it out, and you can also see the short film I starred in for them kicking off Optelec’s global ocular awareness campaign. So go to to join in the fun!

The new Yankee Stadium isn’t your father’s Yankee Stadium!

June 13, 2010

Nash, my friend Scott, and I headed to Nash’s first Yankee game and my first game in the new Yankee Stadium, For the past year, I kept getting to say the last Yankee game I went to was the final game in the real Yankee Stadium. While I did enjoy getting to say this, I think I knew it wasn’t the real reason why I hadn’t been to a Yankee game in over a year. I used to go to 5 to 6 games a year.  We got on the subway at 53rd and began our trek up to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium. We left about three hours before the game, as we wanted to have plenty of time to check out the new stadium. For those of you not familiar with the new stadium, there are a couple of museums, monument park where all the retired numbers are and plaques of all the great Yankees, and a ton of restaurants. One cool thing when we got there, our tickets were at will call and the disabled seating will call is the same window as where the players leave tickets for people, so that was kind of cool. They even had a handicapp entrance, which is nice as you don’t have to wait in the long line to get into the stadium. It was also Mariano Rivera statue night, so I got a cool little statue to put on my desk, hopefully I won’t knock this one over like I did with the last one I got of Lou Gehrig. I have a Lou Gehrig statue on my desk with no arms now!

The first thing we did once we got into the stadium is we went to Monument Park. I had been to Monument Park several times in the old stadium. I even sat out for a game in Monument Park during Old Timer’s Day one year. Nash really enjoyed Monument Park, so much so that I was a little worried that he was going to relieve himself.

Nash and me in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium

Even though the number 42 currently retired in Monument Park is for Jackie Robinson, I found it appropriate to pose in front of the picture on Mariano Rivera night, as he in the only player who still wears the number 42 in baseball as he was Grandfathered in. I guess when Mo retires there will be two number 42’s out in Monument Park.

After going to Monument Park, we headed off to one of the museums in the stadium. It didn’t bother me, but Scott was quite annoyed as there weren’t signs to where anything was in the stadium, and even though every employee was really nice to us, and no one said or questioned me about Nash, every employee told us a different answer how to get to the museum. Nash did enjoy all the time it took us to get there, as I had to keep pulling on his leash to stop him from trying to eat all the hot dog wrappers and other stuff that was on the ground. I do have to give the Yanks credit though, as the new stadium was a lot cleaner than the old one. We stood in line for the museum, but the line didn’t move, and we wanted to check out the rest of the stadium before the game, so we ditched the museum, and headed up to the NY Steak house.

We found our way to the NY Steak House and walked in when I heard something that I never would have thought I would have heard in a million years at a Yankees game. The hostess said to me, “Can you please remove your hat?” And I was wearing a Yankees hat at Yankee Stadium at a Yankees game. This is not your father’s Yankee Stadium. Babe Ruth must be rolling over in his grave! My response to the hostess was “seriously?!” Once I knew she was serious, I did remove my hat, but kept laughing about it. I even asked how Red Sox’s fans respond to be asked to remove their hats, as I do imagine the REd Soxs fans would think they were being asked to remove it because it was a Red Soxs hat. How bizarre, wearing a baseball cap to a baseball game.

We got a drink at the bar. I got a jack and coke, and laughed because I realized this was the first legal jack and coke I had ever had a Yankees game. Hey pre 9/11 when I was a lot younger, we used to smuggle booze into the games. It was a different time, and like I said I was a lot younger. While we had our drink, a bunch of people came up to compliment Nash on how gorgeous he is. It must be tough being Nash, he is always getting complimented. We then headed off to our seats up in the third level but behind home plate. Here is Nash at his seat of his first Yankee game.

Nash at his first Yankee game

Now I can’t see these pictures so you will have to confirm if the pics tell the story. We got to our seats, and Nash sat with his butt to the game. I told him to turn around, and I think he gave me a look that said, hey I don’t even watch these guys play on tv at home, why do you think I would want to watch them play live? I kept getting Nash to try and turn around and face the game, then Scott filled me in on what Nash was watching. He was watching the people behind us eat! I guess you can take a guide dog to a Yankees game, but you can’t take the dog out of guide dog!

Nash watching people eat rather than the Yankees

We watched the game from our seats for six innings, but then I couldn’t take anymore, as I could not see anything, and I could not follow the game, so it was quite frustrating, and the realization of why I hadn’t been to a Yankees game in so long sunk in. I know that my vision had gotten to the point where another I enjoyed to do, I can no longer enjoy, going to a baseball game.

We headed back to the NY Steak house where I could at least hear the game while being at the game, and as soon as we walked in, guess what, I was asked to remove my hat. Like I said, the new Yankee Stadium is not your father’s Yankee Stadium.

Where Does A Guide Dog Go To the Bathroom At Yankee Stadium?

June 11, 2010

Nash is very excited as he is heading to his first Yankee game tonight. Although he is a little pissed, as he thinks interleague play is worst than Communism. Hey, Nash is a traditionalist when it comes to baseball. Since I have not been to the new stadium yet, as my last game was the final game in the real Yankee Stadium, we are heading to the Stadium nice and early to check everything out. Since we are going so early, I know Nash is eventually going to have to use the bathroom while at the game, plus who knows how many beers Nash will drink? Kidding about the beers, as they are too expensive.  I just hope Nash doesn’t run on the field and attack Derek Jeter!

Scott is in town until tomorrow, and Nash has really liked having him here.Scott took Nash out for a nice walk yesterday where Nash was able to be a dog and enjoy himself. Scott loves how Nash has to sniff everything and lick everything. Every time Scott has something in his hand, Nash has to see what it is. Not to worry Guiding Eyes peeps, Scott knows not to feed Nash anything, as I am the only one who feeds the Nashster. Nash is making me a little jealous with all the attention he pays to Scott, but Scott does tell me Nash always keeps one eye on me. Good to see the Nashster knows what his priority is.

Nash is lifting his fatwah on Letterman

June 9, 2010

For the past three weeks the Late Show with David Letterman has gotten away with leaving their metal barriers up 24×7 blocking Nash’s bathroom spot. Nash had issued a fatwah on Letterman, as he likes his spot. Well this morning the Letterman crew finally moved their metal barricades, now I can’t see but I think Nash did a little happy dance when he saw that his bathroom spot was back open for business. So in good faith Nash has decided to temporarily lift the fatwah he had placed on Letterman. We’ll see how long it is before Letterman and his people do something else to piss Nash off.

We have had company staying with us since last Saturday, as my buddy Scott is in from L.A. Nash has gotten to know Scott pretty well with all of our trips out to L.A. this year, so Nash was very excited to see him even though we had seen him a week ago in L.A. Scott who is not necessarily the world’s greatest people person is definitely a huge Nash fan, he has even taken him out for a walk which was nice for Nash as he got to have a little fun walking around NYC without his harness on. Hey, all work and no play makes Nash a bitter guide dog. Who am I kidding, Nash is never bitter. Now that Nash and Scott have developed a little bit of a bond, Nash is doing his best to make me jealous. Nash has such a foot fetish that he will sit on Scott’s feet, give Scott the puppy eyes everytime Scott has food, will seek out pets and love from Scott, and will sit next to Scott at times rather than me! Ok Nash, you win, you’re making me jealous.

Clean Bill of Health

June 4, 2010

Nash had a follow up appointment with the doggy dermatologist today as he has had chronic ear infections. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? I’ll assume the good, his ear infection is completely gone, and his weight is right on target at 70 pounds, it’s good to see one of us is in good shape. The bad news is Nash has allergies, and I am going to have to give him two pills twice a day, and rub a cream on his lower lip. More good news for Nash though, as the doggy dermatologist suggested putting the pills in cheese, so he will get more snacks during the day.  We do not have to go back to see the doggy dermatologist for 4 to 6 months, and I do have to give a shout out to the Animal Medical Center for their free guide dog health care, and all the free meds for Nash, as this would be a costly lifestyle if it wasn’t for them.

On the bus ride back all the people on the bus kept commenting how good looking Nash is, and of course, I told them, “don’t worry, he knows it!” Hey, I can’t let Nash get a big head, as he already thinks he is the boss.

Going back to our L.A. trip, a couple of things I forgot to mention, Nash was thinking it is much better to be a guide dog than a person because when we go through security at the airport, he doesn’t have to take his paws off!

I also forgot to mention when we were at the BBQ on Sunday, who ever was grilling dropped a hot dog on the ground, and Nash immediately ran over and scooped it up. I guess it was too hot for him because he quickly dropped it, and my friend Steve saw and scooped it up before Nash could let it cool off and eat it. Nash does not get to eat human food, and I don’t want him to het into the habit of doing so, as I know it would be impossible to break. Michelle from Guiding Eyes said to me, “well maybe Nash learned a lesson not to eat things off the ground.” Unfortunately he didn’t as the next day Nash tried to eat a pebble, and I had to take it out of his mouth. I don’t know why Nash has to try and eat everything, but he is like a little kid, and puts everything in his mouth. He is technically no longer a puppy as he is three, so I guess he is not going to grow out of it.