We have Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, hey Hallmark When’s Guide Dog Handler Day?

First I would like to say a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there. Nash is one bad Mama Jama. Remember that song? Nash made no effort what so ever to contact his Mommy Moon on Mother’s Day. Then again being fair to Nash, he does come from a broken home, and he doesn’t even know where his mom is. I guess Nash comes from a dysfunctional family lie most of us. My problem is my family is to functional which is why I haven’t become more successful. Yes, I blame my parents for too normal of a childhood for my lack of financial success as an adult. Thanks a lot Mom and Dad, why couldn’t you have been more screwed up, it would have made my life a lot easier now. Hey, you got to be able to blame your parents for something.

So considering that Mother’s and Father’s Day are total Hallmark holidays, why not a Guide Dog Handler Day? Come on Guide Dog lobby, I know we don’t have enough important issues to bring before Congress, so lets add one to the docket. Funding, Research, or a Guide Dog Handler day? And please don’t anyone give me the cop out that every day is guide dog handler day! I know several of you were thinking that while reading this, yes, I am a mind reader. Just a few thoughts for the day. Nash is happy as it has gotten cool in NYC again.

One Response to “We have Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, hey Hallmark When’s Guide Dog Handler Day?”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    How about National Guide Dog Day!!!! Love to you and Nashie.

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