How does one become a doggy dermatologist?

Nash had an appointment with the doggy dermatologist yesterday, and this made me think of only one thing, how does one become a doggy dermatologist? Before a few weeks ago, I did not even know such a thing existed. Nash has had chronic ear infections since the day we left Guiding Eyes, and he has been on and off and on different kinds of ear drops, and finally his vet suggested we see the doggy dermatologist as she thinks he has allergies. Hey, maybe he is allergic to all of his shedding to. The only reason I could come up with on why someone becomes a doggy dermatologist is that you really really love acne and skin conditions, but doesn’t like people, so he decides that to appease his love of rashes and still avoid people, he must work with dogs.  At least that would be my rationale behind that career decision.

Nash and I headed over to the AMC for our appointment yesterday, and I don’t know if NYC was under some heightened security alert that public transportation was going to be blown up, but the bus was the emptiess it has ever been, so we enjoyed our ride. Well, despite my predetermination about how one becomes a doggy dermatologist, the doc was great. He took a few samples from Nash’s ears, and determined that his ear infections are probably allergy related. His right ear has cleared up, but his left ear still has some yeast in it, so Nash is continuing on the antibiotics for the left ear, and the doc gave us some allergy pills for Nash to take. Amazingly, dogs take the same allergy pills as people. Hey, Nash and I can take the same meds. Of course, Nash will not like taking these and since I feed him dry food, the doc suggested picking up some cheese to stick the pills in.

I did attempt to give Nash his first pill like his monthly heartworm pill, but Nash prevented me from giving it to him by showing off jaws of steel. I was able to sucker him by putting a treat and the pill in my hand at the same time, and sucked them both down, but I do plan on picking up some cheese as it will be a nice change of pace for him. As long as the meds don’t making him drowsy, he will be on the pills for six weeks until we head back to the doggy dermatologist. Can you tell that I really like using the phrase doggy dermatologist?

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