Nash and I needed a police escort to get into my building

Nash and I went out for our evening stroll, and there were fire engines everywhere. We walked up to 53rd and the street was blocked off. No annoying Letterman street blockage this time. Some kind of fire. We doubled back and headed back to 52nd street, and that street was blocked off as well by fire trucks. Not sure how there could be a related fire on 52nd and 53rd street causing both to be blocked off. Will have to try and remember to watch the news tonight to see what was going on.  Amazingly, this was not the reason we needed a police escort to get back to my building. There is some kind of concert theater on 53rd street, I think it may be called Roseland or something along those lines. Every time they have a concert, there is a massive line that stretches past my apartment. Well, it amazes me that every person that goes to see a show at that theater is a complete asshole! That’s right, everyone, they are always completely oblivious to the blind guy walking with his guide dog, and they never move out of the way. I keep saying excuse me, excuse me, and they still don’t move. What’s even more amazing is this occurs every time they have a concert, not a one time thing. Well, tonight with the fire, we had to weave through two and half blocks of assholes to get to a place for Nashee to go to the bathroom. None of them would move. I got slammed into several times, and Nash was very flustered. He finally got to do his business, for the first time on 50th street. I had to head back through the crowd, and no one would move, so this time I led my way with my hand forward and Nash’s little surprise bumped into a bunch of people. Hey turn around is fair play. Luckily once we got across 51st, a very nice police officer saw Nash and me struggling through the crowd, and helped us get onto the street. He even took Nash’s bag and through it away for me. He led me all the way to my building, and the people wouldn’t even move to him. Not sure where we are heading as a society, but if this is the kind of people that are going to be around, the apocalypse can’t get here fast enough.

Did some Spring cleaning today, I know, it is a little early for Spring in NYC, but it is really warm, way to warm for the beginning of April. It didn’t hit 85 all of last July, and it is supposed to hit 85 tomorrow. I got a lot of vacumming done today. I also cleaned my desk, and as I was cleaning the desk, I was sitting in my chair. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to clean your desk when you have a dog camped out on your feet. What you thought I was going to say when you were blind?

I forgot to mention that the day we left for Florida over 3 weeks ago, the lobby finally reopened in my building. That’s right finally. The lobby renovation which started last June, and the closure of the main lobby which started the day after Laugh For Sight, and was supposed to be finished before Christmas finally ended. I had predicted February when I heard Christmas, so even my prediction was way off. Now the fun begins again, as we have been coming and going through the service entrance for 5 months, so now Nash has to relearn where home is. Never a dull moment for Nash and me living in NYC.

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