Nash’s 3rd Birthday, and our return home!!

Am I a bad doggy daddy, it has taken me four days to blog about Nashee’s thrid birthday? We woke up on Weds, March 31st in Los Angeles. Yes, we were still there. I kept asking Nash, whose birthday is it? Nashee’s birthday. Although he didn’t raise a paw when I asked the question, Nash was pretty hyper, and wanted to play and more attention than he normally does, so he either realized it was his birthday, or he knew we were finally heading home. Nash and I had lots of play time in between packing. We played with his bone, he got lots of belly rubs, and not from just me, from Steve to. Hey Nash, are you trying to make me jealous with all of the attention you are paying to Steve? It is working a little. Nash really likes Uncle Steve, and really likes his apartment and his bed. I think Nash really likes California and all of the different smells it offers than NYC.

It has been a really long three weeks on the road through West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Coral Springs, Miami, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Los Angeles again. I am definitely ready to head back to NYC. We did get a lot accomplished while on the road, and have some great shows, but I always think I could have accomplished more. I would have liked to have gone more done for the future of Laugh For Sight, but we have a lot coming up when we get back to NYC, and I will tell you more when it is official.

For Nash’s third bday, we are taking the red eye back to NYC. Hey, technically Nash is 21, so he can have an adult beverage on the plane. We take the red eye, as I feel it keeps Nash on more of a regular schedule, and he can eat and drink water the day we fly. So it isn’t so bad for him. We got everything all packed up, and Steve did one last blind proofing to make sure that I was not forgetting anything. Pretty amazing, I didn’t miss anything. Steve and Nash said their goodbyes, and then we packed up the car, let Nash do his business, ran a few erraands, and headed off to the Burbank airport.

On the way to the airport, Steve was talking to his Mom on the phone, and telling her the story of how Nash put the window down a few days earlier, and as he was telling her, Nash rolled the window down again! This time though, Steve was able to see how he did it. Nash put his entire head on the window button and rolled it down with his head. Pretty funny and smart stuff. I guess Nash wanted to enjoy the gorgeous L.A. weather one last time.

We hit a ton of traffic on the way to the airport. Unreal, we left Steve’s apartment at 630 for a 930 flight. Plenty of time to get from Hollywood to Burbank, and we did not get to the airport until 845. I later found out that Paul McCartney was playing at the Hollywood Bowl. This is now the second time that Sir McCartney has caused Nash and me problems. I may have to place a fatwah on him. Kidding of course. Homeland security relax, I am a comedian afterall.

The plane actually boarded on time which for Nash and me is rare. We had the bulkhead as usual, and got lucky again, as the people that sat next to us loved dogs. The woman sitting next to me even liked having Nash as a foot warmer. He does like to take up the person sitting next to us personal space. I wish I could sleep like Nash, as he slept for most of the flight, and I didn’t. Even though Nashee was now 21, I wisely didn’t allow him to have an adult beverage on the plane, and neither did I. We got into JFK around 515 in the morning. Of course, the first thing we did was take Nash to the bathroom. JFK is one of the few airports with a dog bathroom area which is nice to have. It took us about an hour to get our bag and of course, I was one of the last bags out, but luckily at this hour, there wasn’t much of a cab line, so we popped right into a taxi, and began the $60 cab ride into the city. Nash was sleeping next to me on the seat in the back of the cab. Like I said, I wish I could sleep like him. We hhit the midtwon tunnel, and as soon as we got out of it into the city, Nash popped up on the seat. Amazing, he new we were back home. He sat up on the seat for the whole ride through the city to our building. When we got to our building, he knew exactly where my apartment door was, which was nice considering we had not been here in three weeks. We got into my apartment, I got Nash off his leash and harness, and he started running laps around the apartment, he was extremely excited to be home. I got Nash fed and walked, we got back in, and of course, immediately he went for my bed, I mean his bed. Nash was very happy to be back in NYC, and so was I.

3 Responses to “Nash’s 3rd Birthday, and our return home!!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    glad to have you blogging again.!! sorry about the Yanks

  2. Ann Walko Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Nash! (go sox! ha….)

  3. blindgator Says:

    Nash says thank you, but wants you to know the Soxs are evil and everything that is wrong with the world!

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