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Only in New York City!

March 4, 2010

Nash and I went out for a walk this morning, and a woman came up to me and said, “he has a beautiful aura, can I read his paw?” Only could happen in New York City, we have some strange people here. My all time favorite happened BN, Before Nash, I was walking with my cane down Broadway, and a woman comes up to me and says, “Can I pray for your eyes?” I said, “what about the rest of me?”, and I just kept on walking.

We got our flight set to San Diego, and we are going to be flying Continental which i have not done in years. I love to fly JetBlue whenever possible, but they do not fly from South Florida to San Diego without having to fly back to NYC which I was not about to do, as it would have been to long of a day for Nash. So, I had to call Continental and let them know that I would be traveling with a guide dog. It took about 30 minutes, and I must have said 8 times that I am blind and traveling with a guide dog. The woman even repeated it to me, so you could imagine my shock and surprise at the end of the call when the customer service rep asked, “do you need a rental car?” Ah, NO! “Morons, I have morons on my team!” A great movie line, can anyone name the movie?

Crazy Old Bus Women

March 3, 2010

Today, well actually now, I guess it would have been yesterday, Nash had his follow up visit at the vet for his ear infection. We took the 57th crosstown bus to the Animal Medical Center, and had a pretty uneventful ride there. Nash was very well behaved, but would not lay down, as he kept wanting to look out the window, and take part in NYC’s greatest pasttime, people watching.

I am always amazed at how on time they are at the AMC, and I think my doctor’s office needs to take a page out of the AMC’s effiecency playbook. We actually got seen ten minutes early. Immediately upon seeing Nash, his vet and her assistant commented how great he looked and how much weight he had lost. I guess I need to move to a diet of lamb and rice. I’m also lucky if my doctor remembers my name, and they always forget that I am blind, so I guess they need to take a page out of the AMC’s playbook on people relations.

I wish that I could report that Nash’s ear infection was all gone, but unfortunately they are not, and we are stepping up his medication to a 4 in 1, and we will be making an appointment to see the dermatologist, as they think his ear infections are allergy related, so at least it is good to hear that I am not doing anything to cause them. Other then the ear infection, Nash got a clean bill of health. Why doesn’t he get a lollipop at the end of his visit? Well, at least he doesn’t get a bill at the end of his visit, thanks to the free medical care the AMC provides for guide dogs. Now if only my doctor could provide free health care for guide dog handlers, that would be something!

Nash and I got back on the 57th street crosstown, and for you non-New Yorkers, yes, the same bus heads in both directions. This time, we got on to a pretty crowded bus, and I said, “excuse me, is there a seat?” Of course, no one answered, so I started feeling around for the over head bar to hang on to, and I guess I was bumping into a few people, because finally a woman realized that I was blind, and she started asking people to get up for me. I of course, said that’s ok, but then she started screaming at someone to get up, and still no one did. She then got more animated and got into a shouting match with a young woman who was sitting in the handicap seats. I of course didn’t mind standing, but this woman insisted that I did. The young woman eventually got up, and the two of them exchanged some more words. Oh, and you thought this was the crazy old bus women? Nope, once we got seated, a woman across the aisle started talking to me, she asked what kind of dog Nash was? I told her a lab, and then another woman commented how beautiful Nash is. And then the crazy old bus women said, “actually don’t they all look alike?” Isn’t that a dogist comment? Nash must not of liked it because I could feel him glaring at the crazy old bus women, and then she said, “oh, he must not of liked that because you should see the look he is giving me!” Then the crazy old bus women says to me, :I like the dogs that bring you the paper.” I’m like, yeah getting the paper is real high on a guide dog handlers list of importnat traits in his guide. What a crazy old bus women. I must be getting old and soft, because I just bit my tongue and didn’t make my smart ass comment to the crazy old bus women.