Now Nash Even Hates California Traffic!

We had a very nice lunch on Friday and then got back to the car around 2pm to begin the two hour drive back to L.A. from San Diego. We barely were on the 5 Freeway and the standstill began. I always thought the idea of a freeway was for cars to move and get somewhere not to be parked. It ended up taking us four and a half hours to get back to L.A. Unbelievable. Even Nash was frustrated. Well, we finally got back to Steve’s, and it was seven oclock, we were literally sitting on the couch for ten minutes when we realized that we had nothing in the apartment for dinner. Ugh, so Steve, Nash, and I got back into the car to run over to Trader Joes to pick up some food. Nash did not want to get back into the car, he was looking at us like, seriously dude? We finally got him into the back of the car, and we are on the road for a few minutes, when we hear the back window crack a little. I asked Steve if that was him, and he was like, I think Nash did it. Steve rolled the window back up, then we hear the window roll all the way down. We were both in hysterics laughing. I guess this was Nash’s way of saying enough of all this being in the car. What a smart guy my little Nasher is.

One Response to “Now Nash Even Hates California Traffic!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Happy Birthday Nash and welcome back to NYC (Brian you too)

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