Two Shows in Los Angeles

No rest for the wicked. We were up bright and early last Monday, as Scott, the Nashster, and I were heading up to Los Angeles. We had to leave San Diego before 11am, as the 5 freeway can turn into the worlds largest parking lot later in the day, and almost does so on a daily basis. We stopped for some last minute Mexican food before heading off, as the food is amazing in San Diego.

We made great time back to L.A., a little over two hours. We stopped off for lunch at a bar called the Village Idiot, but I just had some water as the Mexican food was performing some tricks in my stomach. We had to hang out for a little, as my Steve that I was going to be staying with was out on a job, and wouldn’t be home for a few hours. Due to this, I had to break my personal rule of doing my business in a public restroom. Amazingly, I cannot even recall the last time I did, as I think it has been about ten years. Yeah, I know that was more info than you needed, but an impressive streak had ended.

After I was feeling much better, we walked around the Melrose area. Of course, its L.A., so it was a beautful day, but with my severe light sensitivity issues, it was a little to bright out for me, even with the shades on. I ended up getting a 1940s bolo hat, or at least, I think that it is what it is called. If you watch the show White Collar which you should, it is like the hats that the main character Neal Cafferty wears. I figured it would look great on stage. We then headed over to Fred Segals to hang out down the street and wait for Steve to get home, and had a few glasses of wine at their wine bar.

We walked back to Steve’s, hey, I thought nobody walked in L.A., at least that is what the song says. I guess I forgot to tell Steve that I had a show, becuase he thought we were just going to hang. We had to rush over to the Ramada to get there in time. Oh boy, a whole ten people at the show, this is going to be fun. Now dont get me wrong, a show can be great with only ten people, but not if it was these ten midwesterners staying at the Ramada who seemed to not know how to laugh. Every comedian was dying on stage, oh boy, I cant wait for my turn. I didn’t fair much better with this crowd. What are the odds, a blind comedian, and a deaf audience!

We got out of there fairly quickly after my set, as I have never seen Nash this tired, and I wasnt far behind. 9 cities in 7 days will do that to ya. We picked up some grub headed back to Steve’s for some tuve time, and hit the sack. It was a good night sleep, no ambien needed.

Tuesday, we got some well deserved R and R, and we ran some errands. Steve is an amazing cook, so we picked up a bunch of stuff for the week, as I dont get home cooked meals too often.

At night, we headed over to the Improv for my show. I new this would be a lot better than the previous night, and even wore my new super cool hat. I had a great set, and had a lot of fun. Nash was great on stage, and much more well rested. Afterwards, we hung out at the bar at the Improv on Melrose, and talked to a bunch of people. Now why can’t every show go like this.

One Response to “Two Shows in Los Angeles”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    All my visitors are gone so I can get back to regular reading of the blog. Enjoyed catching up. Miss you guys so it is great to read all about your adventures.

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