The VisionZone VIP Premiere and Party!

Sunday Nash and I were in San Diego for the premiere of the short film we shot in January, VisionZone – You’re Not Alone Anymore. Optelec the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of technological tools for people with low vision has launched a new company called VisionZone, although the film has not been released on the website, youcan go to the website at Visionzone (VZ) is a remarkable venture for people living with low vision, as the new site offers advice for people with low vision in all walks of life, has doctors contributing expert advice, blogs, and most importantly a facebook type social network for people living with low vision, family, and friends to network and connect. VZ is just starting out, so the more people contribute the better the site will become. This has been a massive venture for Optelec to undertake, for as they are a company in business to make money, this new venture is about spreading awareness and helping people connect. Something that many of us in the visually impaired world have been complaining has been lacking for years.

Scott, Nash and I spent the day relaxing,  and since we were in San Diego, I had to get me some shrimp tacos for lunch, sorry Nashee, nothing but lamb and rice for you. After a late lunch, we began getting ready for the big premiere. We headed over to the premiere with the director Drew Antzis and his wife Tamara. When we got there, some of the employees from Optelec were milling around. They had their big yearly sales meeting, but had not seen the film yet. They were expecting over 250 people, and had rented out a upscale club called Anthology. There was a little red carpet out from, and all of us from the film had a bunch of pictures taken, and even though Nash had nothing to do with the film, he was in the pictures. I will get some of them up as soon as I get them.

We then headed inside for a cocktail hour before the screening of the film. I spoke with a bunch of their reps, including my dealer Chuck from NYC who I have purchased a bunch of low vision technological tools from. I also spoke with a rep from Ohio who had actually been to one of my shows in NYC, small world. Then it was time for the screening, but first a few people from Optelec said some words about the company, the screening, and the plans for

Then came the screening of the six and a half minute film.

It was a smashing success, funny, touching, and educational, and who knew I could act!

After the screening, Drew and I both gave short speeches, then the whirlwind began. I am used to be grabbed in a million different directions at Laugh For Sight, so this was nothing new. I spoke to so many people, I dont remember who was who, hut there were a lots of pats on the back, and congrats, and hey afterall, everyone wants to talk to the star? Hey, when do I get to get my ego? Kidding, the whole evening was a blast, and I think Nash was like, hey I’m the real star, I just don’t do short films!

And then, it was over. Time to check my head, and move on to the next thing. Actually, I will be doing a lot of work with VisionZone, and helping to promote the site. The film will probably be up on the site later this week, so please do make sure to stop by and check it out, and please do go to the site to either contribute or network, because afterall, it will only be as good and useful a tool as we make it. I already have my basic profile up there, and will be adding to it more shortly, so please do go to

3 Responses to “The VisionZone VIP Premiere and Party!”

  1. Debbie Kogler Says:

    Hey there Blindgator!
    It’s Debbie, the Ohio dealer! It was a pleasure to meet you and Nash in San Diego. Great acting in the film, though being partial to dogs, I think the next film needs to have Nash starring as well! Surely, he knows what a tomatoe looks like! Glad you enjoyed San Diego and klooking forward to your contributions to Vision Zone. Keep up the good laughs!
    Peace from Ohio.

  2. Janet Lennex Says:

    Hi Brian,

    We met for the first time at the premiere. I am an employee of Optelec and I just wanted you to know it was a pleasure meeting you and Nash. I look forward to seeing you again and I agree VisionZone will change people’s lifes.
    Take care,

  3. blindgator Says:

    Hey guys, Thanks, it was a real treat getting to meet everyone, and not to worry, Nash knows that he is the real star. We are still out in LA LA land, so still getting caught up on the blogging. Can’t wait to get back to NYC later this week, as I think the next few months and getting VisionZone rolling is going to be real interesting. Take Care, Brian

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