Seriously Dude, Back to San Diego

By now, I am thinking about calling Guiness to see if Nash and I have set some kind of record for the amount of travel by a guide dog and his handler in a two week period. Weds. we relaxed in L.A. We did nothing and it was everything we thought it could be. Wish I could take credit for that line, but it is a line from the movie Office Space. Thursday, Steve and I ran some errands, and then it was time to pack to head back to San Diego for the second launch of VisionZone at the CSUN conference for technology for people with disabilities. Oh by the way, did I fail to mention that through all of this, my good friend Steve has been a little busy with a new engagement, getting ready to move back to New Jersey after living in L.A. for 17 years, and buying a house, so putting the blind guy up and Nash, driving him around L.A., cooking for him, and getting ready to head down to San Diego with him tells you what kind of guy he is, the best.

Steve packed up the car, we got the Nashster all nice and comfy, and began the trek down for our dinner meeting with Andre and Kelly of Optelec. We got fairly fortunate, as we did not hit to much of the L.A. traffic, as it only took us three hours to get to San Diego which believe me, is pretty good, but we did have a dinner meeting, so we had to rush to check into the hotel, get cleaned up, feed Nashie, and then pp in to a cab to meet up. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant, as the Mexican place we were meeting at is my favorite in San Diego, as they have over two hundred kinds of tequile, but more importantly, they have some of the best shrimp tacos  I have ever had. What I do know is the restaurant is on the corner of 8th and J streets, so if you are in San Diego you have to go there.

Dinner was fantastic and very productive, as we talked about VisionZone, the premiere, and some future things we have in the works which I will talk about at a later time.

Steve, Nashee, and I then headed out to a few bars in the Gaslamp area of San Diego, because afterall, how often are you in San Diego? Well, a lot lately, but who knows when I will be back again. If you have not been to downtown San Diego, it is one of the cleanest and nicest cities in the country. San Diego has actually now made my very small list of cities that I would consider living in, and more importantly, Nashee loves it and all the different smells that you don’t get in NYC.

We got back to the hotel, the Manchester Hyatt, and had to sleep fast because the next day Nash and I had to be at the conference to meet and greet people as the VisionZone short film played on a loop in the background.

Nash and I headed downstairs, and Steve packed us up. We thought we were going to be in San Diego for two days, but as things ended up, we were only needed for the morning. Nash and I got to the show room, and the conference from fairly empty. I asked Kelly what was going on, as there were over 300 exhibitors at the show. She laughed, and said, have you been outside yet. It was so amazingly gorgeous out, no matter where you were from and what you were in San Diego to do, you would have to have your head checked to want to be inside. Kelly was kind enough to throw us an audible, and say there’s really no reason for you guys to not go and enjoy the day. And with that, we were done. Time to grab a bite, and enjoy a little more of San Diego before heading back to L.A. Steve, Nash, and I went out to lunch over by the water. Here’s a picture of Nash and me really chillin in San Diego, and yeah, that is the new hat that I blogged about.

Love the new hat

2 Responses to “Seriously Dude, Back to San Diego”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    love the hat!!!

  2. Barbara Fischler Says:

    but where is Nashes??

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