Hasta La Vista Florida, Hola San Diego

Saturday morning Sir Nash a Lot and I said our goodbyes to the parents and headed to San Diego. Another blind advantage, your parents can go through security with you and wait with you at the gate. We were flying out of Miami as that was the only way to get to San Diego without having to head back to NYC, pretty strange, I know. Our flight was actually leaving early, hey, this is a nice change. Uh oh were leaving early because there is a big storm rolling into Houston, and that is where we are connecting to get to San Diego. Our lucky streak of sitting next to people on planes that love dogs continued which was great because Nash does like to stretch out on the plane and take up a lot of other peoples space. The plane ride was a little bumpy, and we were flying Continental instead of my preferred JetBlue. Amazing how much friendlier the crew is on Jetblue, as none of the flight attendants even talked to me. Most importantly we arrived alive and on time.

This was Nash and my first time in the Houston airport. Wow, the staff at the airport was nice. Nash and I caught a ride in one of those airport carts, as we had enough of a layover for us to go outside, and for him to go to the bathroom. It was raining and a little cool in Houston, so this is Houston, Nash got to pee. Nice time in Houston, and that is really all I can say about Houston. The storm rolled in and out, and we only left Houston a few minutes late. The flight from Houston to San Diego was the emptiest flight I have ever been on. Nash had the entire bulkhead to spread out in. Better not get used to the Nash. Again, none of the continental crew even talked to us. Not the friendliest people in the world. We got to San Diego, and there was no one there to meet us at the gate and walk us to baggage claim. Another bad mark for traveling on Continental, as Jetblue always has someone at the gate to meet and help. I had to wait for the entire plane to empty, and for the crew to come out for them to call someone to help us. What a surprise we got to baggage claim, no one left there, and I think my bag was the only bag sitting there. Luckily the guy helping me walked me out to a cab, and we headed off to the Hampton Inn in San Diego. My good friend Scott was coming down from L.A. to hang out, and he was already at the hotel and was waiting outside. I got checked in, and we headed up to the room. Surprisingly, there was no restaurant in the hotel. I called Kelly from Optelec to touch base, and while on the phone with her, heard the ungodly loud sound of a train coming right by the hotel. To quote the movie the Blues Brothers, “how often does that train come by? So often you wont even notice!” You’ve got to be kidding me.

Scott and I headed out to get a bite to eat and grab a few drinks. The Hampton Inn was right by the Little Italy section of San Diego. It was nice, but definitely no Mulberry street. We did have a good time at the bars we went to, and talked to a few people. We didn’t stay out to late, as Nash and I were exhausted. Now back to the hotel with the train that comes by, how in the world is the Hampton Inn still in business, this should be a fun night of sleep.

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