The Flight, the Delay, the Funeral, and The Dentist

Nash and I headed down to SoFlo for his first visit to the parents, and my first trek down there in 3 1/2 years. People have asked me why I haven’t been down there in so long? Forget the fact that it is ridiculously overpriced to take a cab to the airport, wait until you hear what happened. Nash and I get to LaGuardia in good time, he does his last business, and we head to security. JetBlue has someone assist me to the gate, and we get to cut the line to go through security, hey you have to take the blind advantages when you can. I’ll tell ya what, I’ll trade ya, and you can have the blindness, and I’ll take the wait in the line. Anyway, we get through security and to the gate, only to learn that the flight is going to be delayed an hour. Fortunately, it was only backed up an hour, as all flights are still delayed from the previous two days of bad weather. Nash and I get on to the plane, and we are already to get going. They get the whole plane boarded, and you know how much time that takes when you are going to West Palm! So we’re sitting on the plane, and then the power goes off . Ends up the plane is dama. ged, and they are not sure if it could fly. Always something you love hearing especially when you are not a big fan of flying to begin with. They are going to run some tests on the plane to see if it is flyable. I wasnt sure that I wanted to stay on the plane even if it was flyable. Well, it ends up the plane was to damaged to fly. Amazingly, they had another plane sitting bye that we could take, so the fun began of deboarding the entire plane. Jill the flight attendant was fantastic, and looked into a grounds crew guy walking Nash, but of course, this was not possible, as it was a security issue, but hey, at least they tried. I waited on the plane until everybody was off, and Jill walked Nash and me over to the new plane. While heading over she asked, “is someone picking you up in West Palm?” I said, “yes,” and Jill said, “good then you can have a drink on the plane!” I said Jill, “even iif no one was picking me up, its not like I am going to be driving!” Jill started laughing, as she realized her goof.

Nash and I got to board the plane with the crew, and believe it or not, the entire delay wasnt to bad, as the flight crew was so great and friendly. During the flight, Jill came up and asked if I wanted something to drink, and I told her I would have a diet coke, and she asked do you want anything in that, and I said oh yeah, Jack and Diet Coke. As Jill went to place the beverage down, I said, “thanks a lot Jill, ten years of sobriety down the drain!” She freaked and pulled the drink back, then I told her I was just kidding, and she gave me my drink. It was a fun flight, and of course Nash was on his best behavior, and quite comfortable sitting in the bulkhead.

My parents were at security to greet Nash and me, and they were quite thrilled to see us, and have us in Florida. It took us ten hours to get door to door, so reason number one why we have not been to SoFlo in 3 1/2 years is the travel time.

It was midnight when we got to the parents, Nash got accustomed to their house very quickly, and immediately jumped into the bed we would be sleeping in. Tuesday was a day to relax and get some things done. Nash, my dad and I went for a walk to get the Nashster some exercise. Then Wednesday came, and Nash got to go to his first funeral. My parents good friends father passed away, so we were in Florida for a little more than a day, and we had a funeral to go to. I dont know what it is with Florida, but people seem to die down there a lot. Then again, he was 94, Reason number 2 we hadnt been to Florida, people die.  Nash was a huge hit at the shiva call, and very comforting to everyone. So what did we have planned for Thursday in Florida? I got to go to the dentist which I had not done in about five years, so you can imagine how much fun that was. Wow, what a fun few first days in Florida!

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