New York Comedy Club Boca Raton, Florida

On Friday, the Blindman Cometh made its triumphant return to the New York Comedy Club in Boca. We spent the day running errands and recovering from a stomach ache. Thursday night, Nash and I met up with a bunch of people that I went to high school with in our old stomping grounds of Coral Springs. It was great catching up with some people that I never imagined I would see again, but thanks to Facebook, I have reconnected with about 160 people from high school. My good friend Greg Moon who I went to college with, was best man at his wedding, and I am Godfather to his daughter also came to meet us. It was a lot of fun.

Its strange, as I have opened for some of the biggest comedians in the world, including Kevin James and Ray Romao, and Friday night, I had my parents, some of their friends who I have known since I was a kid, and about 30 people I grew up with come to the show, and it was the most nervous I have been before a show. I was really amazed at how many people actually showed up, as like anything, people always say they are coming to a show, but then things come up. I thought that I had a really great set, the crowd loved almost all of my material. I even spoke with the coowner of the club, and she is real interested in hosting a Laugh For Sight Florida, but that is something I will go into at a later time. Stephanie also wants Nash and me back anytime we are in Florida, and that is the best you can ask for after a show. A bunch of friends and I went out for drinks after the show. We went to the Boca Ale House, and got to catch up a little. We were out to about two am which was a little late considering we had a plane to catch the next morning. Overall the night went better than I could have asked for, and it was a lot of fun performing in front of all the family and friends. Nash was also really well behaved on stage, although I was told he was starring at people’s food in the front row. Hey, hes a dog, what do you expect, at least he didnt lunge at anybody.

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