Nash must really like me

Nash must really like me, as he had a rough day yesterday. First, I was putting money into my wallet, and I went over to the light by my bed, and I wasn’t paying attention, as I was trying to figure out what each bill was to put them in order, and as I was doing this, I was thinking and I sat down on my bed, and I sat right on top of a sleeping Nash. It startled me probably more than him, as I jumped up, and immediately started apologizing to him. Nash just stood up on the bed, shook himself awake, sat back down on the bed, and gave me a look as if to say, seriously dude, you sat on me, you know I am always in your bed. At least he didn’t jump out of the bed startled.

Then last night, I was laying on the couch watching tv and as I grabbed the tivo remote, I dropped it on him. He didn’t even budge. He was probably thinking, well, at least he didn’t sit on me.

Flash Forward a day to tonight, Nash was annoyed at me because I had my suitcase on my bed as I was packing it. He kept looking for ways to get into my bed, or as Nash calls it, his bed. I think Nash may have a case of attachment disorder because as I was packing, he was following me all around the apartment. I kept telling him, yes, you are going with me. When I fold shirts, for some reason, I have to put them on a flat surface, so I use the floor, and as I attempted to fold the first long sleeve shirt, Nash walked and stood right on top of it, as if to say, if you aren’t giving me your bed, I will make packing tough on you. Either that, or he was getting back at me for sitting on him yesterday. Take you pick.

Of course, as soon as I finished packing, took the suitcase out of the bed, I hear the Nash leap into my bed, and now he is all curled up in my bed, I mean his bed that used to be my bed. Next blog from Florida.

One Response to “Nash must really like me”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Nash enjoyed your bed, I mean his bed, here in Florida!!! He was soooo well behaved both here and on stage. He is the perfect dog!!!

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