The Blindman Cometh returns to South Florida with a Four Legged Furry Sidekick!

Sorry for the lack of blogging this past week, but we have been quite busy with preparing and drafting our fantasy baseball teams. Hey, this is important stuff, as it leads to six months of fun, and yes, I am addicted to it, and since I can’t play baseball anymore, it has become my hobby. I have gotten to that age where even if they cure me of my blindness, I will be to old to make it to the majors, unless of course, I come back as a knuckleball pitcher, so maybe I should start learning how to throw one. Hey, you always have to prepare for the future. I have also been quite busy as Nash and I are getting ready to head out on the road for about three weeks. Oh, you didn’t think I was spending all of my time on fantasy baseball? We have an exciting few weeks coming up. And not to worry, while I haven’t been blogging, Nash and I still have gotten our walks in, and plenty of play time. Nash even let me use him as pillow for a little bit, which I do quite enjoy. Now, on to the exciting stuff, but first, let me go check the status of my fantasy baseball draft.

On Monday, Nash and I will head to SoFlo to see my parents. I think it is my first trip down there in three or four years. I used to go about three times a year, but hey, the economy has sucked, and with little Sienna around now, they have come up here a lot more. Nash has a lot of people that can’t wait to meet him, as he has a big SoFlo fan club. No one really wants to see me, they just want to meet the Nasher. Hey, I have gotten used to it. Unfortunately, we will be there for less then a week, but we will be back at New York Comedy Club in Boca Raton on Friday, March 19th, If you are one of my Florida readers, and you are looking to get tickets for the show, you can call the club at 561-470-6887. It is the 9pm show, and I believe the show is called Irish Comedy Weekend. Yes, I know, I am not Irish, and i do have a great bit about it, but can’t reveal it, as I will be using it. It will be a pressure packed show, as I have a lot of people I grew up with, friends from college, and my parents friends coming to the show. Believe it or not, but the most nerve rattling show I ever had was in Orlando in front of a bunch of friends I grew up with during a mini reunion weekend. Yes, that’s right, I was more nervouse before that show then I was when I opened for Kevin James and Ray Romano. Go figure.

Unfortunately, we will leave Florida the next more, as we will be heading back to San Diego, as the short film I shot, the VisionZone for Optelec will be having its VIP Premiere on Sunday the 21st. I have been to plenty of premieres during my Hollywood days, but never one that I starred in. I will also be giving a speech before the screening. Should I start it with, I would like to thank the academy?

We will only be in San Diego for a day and a half, then it will be up to L.A. for two shows at the Melrose Improv. Nash and I will again be staying with my friend Steve in Hollyweird, then later that week, it will be back to San Diego for the official launch of the new company and website, This is a very exciting venture by Optelec as the site will have scientists blogging, news on the latest greatest technology for the visually impaired, and something that several people in the visually impaired community have wanted for years, a place where they can go for support and to meet other people like them. The site will have a social networking application similar to facebook for the visually impaired, friends, and family to chime in on anything. I really can’t wait to see what this looks like, and am excited to be a part of it. You can read the PR blast about the venture here

If you read down, we are mentioned in the article, actually me, no we, sorry Nash, but you were not in the film, but were on set. Hey, it can’t always be about him. Then after the launch, we will head back to L.A. for some more shows and meetings, so you can see it will be quite a few busy weeks, and should be fun. Nash will become quite the traveler, and now you can see why I had to get my fantasy baseball drafts out of the way.

One Response to “The Blindman Cometh returns to South Florida with a Four Legged Furry Sidekick!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    I am actually reading this after you and Nash have left Florida but just wanted to tell you that we had a fab time with both of you. It had been 3 yrs since you’d been to see us and never let it be that long. Nash has a permanent 2nd home here with us in S. Fl. Enjoy San Diego and LA

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