10,000 Total Views!

I created this blog because it seemed like the thing to do, but I really never had a point of view or a focus to write about, as you can see by the very first few blogs. Then I headed off to guide dog school. I really didn’t know what to expect from the program, classmates, instructors, guide dog, or the day to day experience. At first I was a little bored, so I began to blog about my days, and then I was introduced to this crazy little pup named Nash who on day one ran me back and forth from door to door, and my thought was how the hell is this ever going to work out, this dog is crazy. Then the days began to get a little crazy, and so did some of my classmates, and to help me keep my sanity, I blogged and I blogged. I blogged every day I was at Guiding Eyes For the Blind, and really enjoyed. For the first two weeks, I really had no clue anyone was reading my blog, except for the people who left comments. It was very nice to hear from the outside world while at guide dog school. It was very therapeutic. I got to meet Lorrain and Richard, Nash’s puppy raisers through the blog, and it was nice to hear some of Nash’s backstory. Then one day while checking out more of the features on wordpress, I came across statistics.  I had no idea that wordpress was tracking how many people came to my blog each day, what blogs they read, and what keywords people were using to come to my blog. You can imagine the delightful surprise when I discovered that a lot of people were actually reading my blog. While I write this blog for me, and for the people I know who wanted to hear what Nash and I were up to at Guide Dog school. I was thrilled to learn that complete strangers were coming to my blog and reading it. I was not sure if I would continue blogging once I left guide dog school, as I didn’t want to just write mindless dribble, but sure enough the Nashster and I bonded quite nicely, and we seem to have some pretty interesting things and bizarre stuff happen to us, so the blog continued, and I really enjoy writing it to this day. From time to time, we will go a few days without blogging, but that is because I don’t want to contribute mindless dribble to the internet. I want to say thanks to all of my loyal readers and those who just pop in from time to time to seee what is going on in the lives of the Nashter and me, and why not thanks to those one time readers, but you probably won’t see this message, as you have already come to my blog your one time. Thanks to all from Nash and Brian

7 Responses to “10,000 Total Views!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    your welcome….but we really should be thanking you!!

  2. Lauren Shoulberg Says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have always poped in to read your blog and find it so fascinating! I am not much of a pet person so to see how Nash has changed your life is really quite cool. I am hoping to make it to SO FLO for your show on the 19th! Hope to see you soon.


  3. Karyn Roorda Says:

    We love reading the blogs Brian..so thank you for still writing them! Me being from the region that Nash was raised, still likes to see what he’s up to!


  4. blindgator Says:

    Thanks guys, glad that you are still enjoying reading the blog, as I am still enjoying writing it. Lauren, hope you can make it to the show. Take care

  5. Robbin Says:

    As a puppy raiser for GEB, I started reading to hear about Nash, but you’re a funny guy, too. Some day I’ll make it to NYC for Laugh For Sight.


  6. blindgator Says:

    Thanks for the compliment Robbin, I am glad people are still enjoying reading the blog.

  7. Robbin Says:

    hehehe, I have a puppy in training with me most of the time so I know how much attention their humans get in comparison. We humans need positive reinforcement, too (although I prefer chocolate to kibble for my reward! 😉

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