I thnk Nash was giving out speeding tickets!

This morning after Nash had breakfast, we went out for his walk, and he was standing in the street, close to the curb, staring at all the cars flying by on 52nd street. I know that he is a curious fella, so I couldn’t really figure out what he was doing, he was just looking at all the cars flying by, so the only thing I could think he was doing is couting the cars that he would give a speeding ticket to. Then again, it was snowing, so maybe he was just enjoying the cool snow landing on him, as he looked quite happy. We got back inside, and thank God he is laying on my feet insetead of my bed, because he wasn’t covered in snow, but he was soak and wet. I did attempt to give him a thourough drying off, but after a few run through my legs, Nash had tired me out. He was mostly dry. Luckily, Nash lied down on my feet for awhile, and he was pretty dry by the time he made it back into my bed.

Yesterday, we actually had some nice weather, and what I mean by nice, is the 40s, no rain, no snow, and most importantly, no wind. Since it was nice out, Nash and I worked the old school route since we had not done it in awhile. I wish I could say that he was fantastic with his route work, but unfortunately, he was back to his old sniffing ways on a few of the blocks. He did have some great blocks with no sniffing, and a very nice pace. I don’t know why Nash tries to eat everything in sight, I mean he is almost three.

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