Can I sue the Family Guy?

People think that is me?

My friends James and Gillian called me last night, and they were laughing hysterically, as they said, “you’re on an episode of the Family Guy!” What was my first response? I said, “have you guys been drinking?” They were like, no, I swear, we were just watching The Family Guy, and there was a blind character, and he is totally you! They then found the above picture, and sent it to me. If you have not seen me, or don’t know what I look like, this is a total caricature of me. How bizarre is it that they have a blind guy on the show, and it looks just like me? I am a big fan of the Family Guy, so I guess I am honored in a weird way, just another strange thing that happened in my life. First 90210, now the Family Guy, I guess I am becoming a very very very minor pop culture figure. Of course, I am only kidding about suing, but can I put this on my resume?

Nash and I went out for lunch on Sunday with my friend Jewel. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, so we had a lot of catching up to do. Nash was very excited when she came over to the apartment, and I am not sure if he was excited to see her, or if he was just excited to have company over. He said hello to her for a few minutes, and then came back to sit by me. Its always good that he knows who is giving him his next meal. He was very well behaved at lunch, and of course, we went to Matt’s Grill. I guess that has become my new home away from home.

Nash and I will be heading to SoFlo in the middle of March for some shows, and to see the family. The parents are very excited, and they will get to Nashify the house, which is pretty much the same as preparing for a visit from their granddaughter Siena, except they don’t have to put the baby seat in the car. We will then head to San Diego for the VIP premiere of the short film VisionZone, and then a few days later the live launch of the company and the website. Not sure if we will be off to LA LA land, as I have to see if I can get some meetings and shows set up. Should be an interesting few weeks, and I will blog more about it as it gets closer. From rainy NYC, Brian and Nash out!

2 Responses to “Can I sue the Family Guy?”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    ok is it just me,, but I don’t see you in that picture!!! You are so much cuter.

  2. Lorraine Says:

    I totally get that caricature! Too bad Brian isn’t yellow.

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