Once again its the blind who get screwed, we need a stronger lobby!

I was so excited over the weekend, not for the Super Bowl, no, I discovered an app, Kindle for the Iphone. I used to love to read, and being that I have a very limited income, I can’t just go out and drop $395 for a Kindle 2 reader that reads out loud to you. Having an iphone has been great, but also very disappointing. All of the Iphones bulit in features make great use of its voice over technology. I can now listen to my emails and text messages on my phone. In this day and age, people expect you to get back to them immediately, and it doesn’t enter their head, oh wait, he is blind, and probably can’t read an email on his phone, but now with the ophone voice over technology, I can. Responding is still pretty slow, as it takes me forever to type, and you do have to double tap everything, and the phone reads out every letter, so composing a lengthy email can take quite awhile, but hey, at least it is doable. What I have been disappointed with is the lack of all the thrid party software in the app store that doesn’t work with the voice over technology. The good news is Facebook and Twitter both work with voiceover, the bad, several other apps like ESPN scoreboard, the Weather Channel, most games, IMDB, and a ton of other apps don’t work with thevoice over technology, so basically my phone is loaded with a ton of apps that I cannot use.

So back to my original point. I was very excited about Kindle coming to the Iphone, as I have heard great things about it, and that it reads books to you. So, I download the app, and spend hours trying to figure out how to work the damn thing. I downloaded some samples of books to test it out, and could not get the kindle to read the damn book to me. I even downloaded a free book thinking maybe it just doesn’t read the samples out loud. Then I find this today.

With Kindle for iPhone, you won’t get the dictionary or the text-to-speech feature that you do with the Kindle itself, although Amazon is no longer making text-to-speech available for all books, based on protests from some authors.

Great. Thanks authors for saving me the thought of even buying a kindle. If they are cutting out the text to speech on books, I guess the world just expects us blind folks to sit in a dark room and stare at the wall. What do you expect from capitalism. I understand their need to make as much money as possible, but why is it always the blind who end up getting screwed? Well, I got to get running, as I have to go remove the piece of crap Kindle for Iphone application.

2 Responses to “Once again its the blind who get screwed, we need a stronger lobby!”

  1. Ann Walko Says:

    Yeah, the authors went after Amazon, saying that the text-to-speech was the same as audiobooks. Something about copyright violations I think. Lame.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Thanks for feeling my pain. I say the hell with Kindle, and will stick with mp3 audiobooks. Unfortunately, a lot of the books I like arent released on to audio books, as I like history and bios of a lot of obscure individuals. Ugh

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