Homeword Bound, Part II

By the time Nashee and I get back to Steve’s, it is almost four pm. We went over to Trader Joe’s to pick up some stuff for dinner, as Steve is also a really good cook. I could do two nights of homecooked meals. I did feed Nashee as soon as we got to Steve’s, as he had to pretty much not eat all day in preperation for the plane ride. I guess everything I kept telling him all day was a lie, like this is your last time going to the bathroom here. This is the last time we will be going out this exit, and so on.

After dinner, Nash and I headed over to the Melrose Improv, as I figured with the extra night, we might as well take advantage and try and do some networking. We ran into a few comedians and discussed Laugh For Sight moving to L.A. We also ran into the events manager of the Improv, so it was good to see her and discuss LFS, and let her know that we are close to getting her the proposal for the benefit.

Ah, Tuesday, our final day in L.A. take two. Nash and I were waiting for Scott to come over so we could head out for lunch, and you would never guess what happened? It started to down pour again. Unreal! Here we are all set to have an enjoyable nice day of L.A. weather, and the freakin rain is back. We ended up ordering in, and just hanging at Steve’s, and watching the tube. Like I have said before, people don’t go out when it rains in L.A. unless they have to. I think it is because most people out here don’t know how to drive in the rain, so it gets a little crazy, and people freak out. Ok, I just would like to finally get home, and with all my belongings this time.

Since it was coming down pretty good, I let Scott take Nash out for his last walk in L.A. For some reason, I can’t walk with Nash and use and umbrella, but I can walk with him and chew gum. I think this could be the first time that I let someone other than myself take Nash for a walk. I did not have Scott take Nash out for the walk with his harness, just the leash. When Nash got back to the apartment, he was real excited. Not sure if he was excited to see me, or if he felt like a real dog going for a walk just on a leash, but I vote for the first one. Nash does get a little panicked when he doesn’t see me, and everyone does comment about how he does look after me, and not like it when I am far away from him. I guess we have grown real attached.

This time, we are taking the red eye back to NYC, as I figured it would be the best way to keep Nash on some kind of schedule. I also figured, it wouldn’t be as crowded, and it would nice to not have anyone sitting next to us. Steve and I said our goodbyes, and we packed into Scott’s car, this time making sure I had all my bags, and Nash. Nash was sitting in the back seat, and we headed off to the airport. About five minutes into the drive, I said to Scott, “Is that your arm?” He said, “No, is that yours?” We both look down at the arm rest, and start laughing hysterically. Nash had put his head in between both of our arms on the arm rest. I guess he wanted to be up front with the guys. His butt was on the back seat, his belly on the floor, and his head resting on the front arm rest. We tried to take a picture, but it was to dark. This was just Nash showing off his personality, and how much of it he has. He sat like this the whole way even falling asleep, and snoaring. What a cute fella!

We got to the airport, said our goodbyes, and I checked in, and yes, I had my backpack this time. We got through security very quickly. Nash actually sat and waited until I went through. Hey, he is doing this every day now, so he is becoming a pro, and like they said at the guide dog school, practice makes perfect.

The plane was on time, and we did get lucky, as it was a packed flight, and the only open seat was in our row. Yes! The woman sitting next to the window was very nice, and liked dogs, and Nash behaved perfectly. He did slide around a little on the flight, but did sleep throughout most of it. I was exhausted, but for some reason, I cannot sleep on planes. Like I have said time and again, I wish I could sleep like Nash. It was a good flight, and I watched tv for most of it. Not even dozing off for a minute.

We arrived at JFK at 5am east coast time. Great to be back. Unfortunately, JetBlue must have been going through a shift change, as there was no one to meet us at the gate. When we finally finished taking Nash to the bathroom, and got to backage claim, it had taken so long, that I was the only one at baggage claim.  Ugh, I was exhausted, and had to wait in the cab line, and did not get home until 7am. A long night for me. Of course, I couldn’t fall asleep as soon as I got home, and did not get to bed until about 10am. I slept to about 4pm, and then began to unpack. It had been a long productive 13 days, but I was thrilled to be back in NYC. Now we have to follow up on everything, and hope that things begin to move forward for Laugh For Sight NYC and L.A. The next thing we need to do is lock down the dates. Which I hope to do in the next ten days, as each benefit does take about five to six months to put together. I think we are looking at Laugh For Sight NYC in September and Laugh For Sight L.A. in November, and if things go well, we expand even further in 2011. Hopefully, this will lead to a full time job of producing the Laugh For Sight National Comedy Benefit, but only time will tell. Oh, and by the way, as soon as Nash ate when we got back to my apartment, yes, he went straight for my bed. I think he was very happy to finally be home!

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