Those Hollyweird Rainy Nights

So it is now Thursday, and what a surprise, it is raining again. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it is to walk Nash in a L.A. monsoon. He of course loves it, but I keep getting drenched. Nash really loves Steve’s apartment, and that he has so many options for where to lay whether it be Steve’s massive living room couch, the blankie Steve has placed for him on the floor, or Steve’s bed. Like I said, Steve is a great host, but I only get the couch option to sleep. I guess he likes Nash more than me.

Thursday night, Nash and I did venture out into the rain to go to the Melrose Improv to meet my buddy Jim, as it had been a few years since I have seen Jim. Jim is one of my old L.A. cronies, and the guy who introduced me to poker. Although I no longer play, when I lived in L.A. I played in a weekly game, and that is one of the biggest things I miss about LA LA land, is my weekly poker game. Of course being blinder now, I am not even sure I would be able to play poker. Of course, Nash and I could try and figure out a system where we could cheat, and he could send me signals about the other players cards. Yes, I think he is that smart. I was amazed how quickly he learned where the hotel room was in San Diego, and how quickly he knew exactlu where Steve’s apartment is. He would go right to the doors when we got on the floor. Must be his amazing sense of smell. So Jim and I did our share of catching up, and I got a little networking done about Laugh For Sight L.A.

Friday it monsooned worst than any day yet. We stayed inside all day except when Nash needed to be walked, and of course, I got drenched. Nash now even has his own towel at Steve’s. We watched all the floods on tv, and even watched a dog be rescued out of the L.A. River. It was pretty amazing, as they didn’t think they would be able to get to the dog in time, as the water level was rising pretty quickly, then all of the sudden, a helicopter came in, some fireman repelled down, got bit by the dog, but was able to get a muzzle on him, and grab him by the collar, and then they flew away with the fireman and dog hanging down from the helicopter, it was pretty amazing, and being the big dog lover that I have become, I was quite happy to see them rescue the dog. Friday night we watched two of the worst movies I have ever seen, Gamer and Whiteout. Ugh, there are a ton of movies I have not seen, but Steve has seen everything, so being the good guest, I agreed.

Saturday it finally stopped raining, yes, we can finally do something other than sit in the house all day. I went out to meet my friend Jim, his wife Robin, and there kids. Steve and I went out for lunch first, and we actually got to sit outside, as it was not raining. Nash even got a bunch of compliments from people passing by. Hey, Nash could even make it in this town. Jim’s kids really liked meeting Nash, and even though their little dog kept barking at Nash, Nash was his quite mellow well behaved dude.

Saturday night, and time to introduce Nash to those old school Hollywood Nights. We had a few drinks at Steve’s, than Steve, Lou, Nash, and I headed out to Lola’s for a night of fun. Lola’s used to be one of the most happening places in L.A., but it is not as popular as it used to be. Still it was pretty crowded for a Saturday night. When we showed up, the hostess asked us, “do you have dinner reservations?” We said, “no, we’re just going to the bar!” She was getting ready to say something, but then saw Nash, and all of the sudden was as friendly as could be. Wow, maybe we should try and hit some of the Hollywood hot spots, and see if we can cut the line, as I don’t do places with lines. We had a great time hanging at Lola’s, and I think Nash really enjoyed the old school Hollywood scene. We eventually scored some couches with some young Hollywood actresses, but even if I could see, I probably couldn’t have told you who they were. I do now believe that Nash is ready for his close up!

One Response to “Those Hollyweird Rainy Nights”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    glad to have you blogging again. Sounds like a fab time in old LA. Great that you returned and caught up with so many old buddies. Love to the Nashster!

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