Laugh For Sight is expanding to L.A.!

The reason I came to stay at Steve’s Monday night, instead of Tuesday, is along with being a very talented actor, Steve has his own contracting company. He also does a lot of design work, and he is doing some work on J. Lo’s house, so he wasnt going to be here all day Tuesday, and he is such a great host, that he wanted to make sure that I had a set of keys. Oh, did I mention that it was raining still? Steve has a giant couch that is bigger than my bed, and at home, I do not let up on the couch, but Steve was totally ok with it, even insisting. Steve even gave Nash his own pillow and blanket. Like I said, he is an amazing host, and Nash is getting spoiled out here. It will be interesting to see if Nash tries to get back on my small couch at home. Nash and I have been sleeping together on the couch, as he sleeps at my feet, and the two of us have been quite comfortable.

So Tuesday afternoon, the gang from Optelec came over to pick me up, and we headed over to the legendary Melrose Improv where I have performed quite a bit over the years. Unfortunately, no shows this time, as the L.A. part of the trip came together at the last minute. We were meeting with the Improv to see if we could iron out the terms to host a Laugh For Sight Los angeles in November which would move LFS NYC to May or September. While we didn’t agree on all the terms, everything was very doable, and Optelec and I am now putting together a proposal for the L.A. benefit, and we may have everything signed by late next week. Very exciting stuff. Hey Nash, how are you enjoying sunny California? I’m kidding, it was still raining. Unreal, I havent been out here in two years, and L.A. is having there worst rain in years.

Since it was monsooning, Tuesday night, Steve and I picked up some wine, and just hung at his apartment. Californians don’t go out in the rain. In fact, most of them freak out and cant even drive in the rain, and I the blind guy might even be a better driver in the rain then they are.

Wednesday came, and guess what more rain and the worst amount so far. Walking Nash and getting drenched every time we go outside is beginning to get old. Today we had a big meeting with one of the biggest management firms in the comedy biz, MBST. My buddy Scott who has been involved with Laugh For Sight since the beginning was coming to pick Nash and me up to head to the meeting. We had to dog proof his car, as it was still monsooing, and hailing in parts of Cali. I’m sure some houses in Malibu are beginning to float down the road. Believe me, it happens. I got a phone call from the manager we were meeting with and our meeting got pushed, at least it wasnt getting canceled. We headed out to lunch, and we had to choose a place that had covered parking, as it was really coming down. So, even though I am not a big sushi fan, I agreed, as I wanted to keep Nash as dry as possible. After lunch we headed to MBST, I thought I remembered their address from my Hollyweird years. Ends up they are in the same building in Beverly Hills as Castle Rock.

While we were sitting in the lobby waiting for our meeting, Scott said something to me, but I didn’t understand him, as he whispered it. Ends up someone was coming up from behind to pet Nash, but then they stopped when they realized he was a guide dog. Should I tell you who it was? What do you say to Billy Crystal when he tries to pet your guide dog? You look Marvvvvelous Mr. Crystal. No, I didn’t say that, but I wish I would have thought of it at the time. I thought that our meeting would last about 15 minutes, ends up it went a little over an hour, and it was very productive, as the management firm really likes the cause Laugh For Sight, and is going to help out getting their clients involved with Laugh For Sight. Some people have been asking me, well did you talk to them about managing you? Sorry guys, they manage Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and several more, so they are a little out of my league. I doubt we will even get any of their monster clients for Laugh For Sight, but it is a beginning, and they know who we are, so we shall see where things go from here.

After out meeting, we headed back to my friend Steve’s, and it finally stopped raining, so we decided to head out to El Carmen’s for happy hour. This was Nash’s first experience with the L.A. bar scene, and it was good to see that he was as popular in L.A. as he is in NYC.

Later Wednesday evening we headed out to Silver Lake with I believe is a little North of Hollywood, and we went over to the Director of VisionZone’s house. It was great to meet his wife, and hang out in Hollyweird for a little bit. Quite a two day adventure that was go, go, go.

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