VisionZone – That’s A Wrap!

On  Monday, it was day two of the VisionZone shoot. We had a nine am call time. Andre, the producer met me at the hotel, and we walked over to the restaurant we were shooting at. The crew had a 630 am call time, so dont feel to bad for me. The restaurant was filled with all of the extras for the scene, and I had instructed the crew to tell the extras to not talk to me or look at me. Kidding of course, that is the way some big Hollywood stars are. I actually forget who the actor was that told the crew to not have the extras look at him. We began shooting fairly shortly after I arrived. My character is sitting in the restaurant, his stomach is grumbling, and he has low vision and can’t read the menu. A basic comedy of errors. I had written into the script that I order a dish with tomatoes, and I say will be fine as long as this dish doesnt have tomatoes, and they cut to a shot of me taking a big bite of a tomato. I hate tomatos, and knew the expression on my face would be priceless, and it was. I almost threw up, but I did manage to keep in character, spit the tomato out, wipe my tongue furiously, and scream for the waitress to bring me water. During the second take, I even ad libbed and had the crew laughing really hard, as I was screaming, excuse miss, waitress, I need some water please, miss, waitress, somebody, mommy! Hopefully they will end up using that take. We moved through the day pretty quickly, as there wasn’t a lot of setup since I was just sitting at a table. Nash was in the back of the restaurant off set, and was really well behaved. Hey afterall, this was day two, and Nash was now a pro at being on movie sets. We did have to shoot one final scene of me being thrown out of the restaurant, as the waitress shoves me out the door, and this caused Nash to stand up, and people told me he was staring at the actress who played the waitress, and was not very happy with her which was pretty funny. And after that, it was a wrap. VisionZone was completed. Now the director has the fun task of editing the film, and trying to make me look like an actor. That cant be easy. The film is supposed to be released in March online, and the premiere is at the Foundation Fighting Blindness Vision Walk in San Antonio, and they are flying Nash and me down for the premiere, so that should be fun, and as soon as I heard about that, I began making plans to go to the Alamo. I love history, and cant wait to go to the Alamo, oh yeah, and the premiere should be fun too!

Then the rain started. For those of you not familiar with California, it never rains.  The Optelec folks and I were supposed to head up to L.A. right after filming, but due to the downpour and 35 mph winds, we decided to wait a few hours. We left around 6pm, and boy was it a good idea we waited, as the 5 freeway was completely flooded, and all backed up. Rescue workers were in the water up to their waist, that cant be too much fun.

Nash slept for most of the ride, but I think he did enjoy looking our the window, and seeing all the California sites for the first time. We were originally going to stay in a hotel out in Marina Del Rey, but it was just more convienet for me to be dropped at my friend Steve’s house in West Hollywood who was being kind enough to take Nashee and me in for the week. We got to Steve’s, and as soon as we came into the apartment, I took Nash off his harness and leash. He ran all around the apartment, as he is not used to this much space. He then went into the bedroom, and jumped into Steve’s bed. I screamed, “Nash, no!” Fortunately, Steve loves dogs, and didn’t mind. Whew. Oh, did I mention it was still raining?

2 Responses to “VisionZone – That’s A Wrap!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Fab that Steve loves dogs…just make sure you have Nashee with you when you travel home!! Only kidding, know you’d never leave him behind. Just make sure you walk with him and the Jet Blue rep!!!
    Can’t leave my grandpuppy out of your sight…..Glad your Shoot went well.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Steve, Scott, and I found this very funny. I was so worried about forgetting Nash that I guess I forgot my laptop instead. Luckily the flight was canceled, so maybe my luck is changing.

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