The VisionZone film shoot!

The reason I was in San Diego was to star in a short film called VisionZone. It is a film that will be released in March with the launching of the VisionZone website, more on this in coming months. In VisionZone, I play the lead, the hero of the short film. It was a two day shoot, and the first day, I had a nine am call time. My character suffers from low vision, and is not legally blind like me, so it required some method acting, and I had to channel my inner DeNiro to recall those years ago when I could still see and get around without Nash, and without a cane. The first scene we shot required me to walk across the street. One of the crew held on to Nash off to the side. Nash was freaking out a little, as I dont think he liked me walking across the street without him. The crew was able to tell how attached we are, as Nash was very uncomfomfortable with me doing the scene, but it went very smoothly for me, and there were people around telling me when to walk. The funny thing is the intersection we used in downtown San Diego was the only intersection that actually beeped, and told you when to walk. Pretty ironic if you ask me. We then moved on to shots of me walking down the street, and at one point Nash got kicked off the set which was pretty funny. He was whinning a little, as he didnt understand that we were shooting a movie, and that nothing was real, and I guess he didnt understand Quite on the Set. We were filming the same day as the Chargers Jets game, and during one take, we got interrupted with the annoying Jet fans walking bye and screaming out J E T S Jets Jets Jets. Great I thought I came out to San Diego to get away from these annoying fans who can spell.

After our street scenes it was off to Optelec’s headquarters to shoot the VisionZone scene. They had to build the set from scratch, so I had a lot of downtime. When you are shooting a movie, it is a very long day for the actor’s, but the actors spend most of the day sitting around, the crew is constantly working busting their ass, and yes, even us small actors get pampered. I was constantly being asked if I needed anything, which I didn’t, but I could definitely get used to this. As I was waiting, my costar Emily showed up, and we were introduced. She plays my savior the VisionZone employee.

Emily, my VisionZone Costar

After the store was built, it was back to work. I actually fall into the store, so I got to do a lot of flopping around which was fun. Emily was fantastic to work with, and we shot all of the VisionZone interior scenes. Only a 14 hour workday. Nash was off set and while we were shooting one scene for about 2 1/2 hours, I realized it was the longest we have ever been apart. He was really well behaved, and didnt whine at all, plus I gave him one of his bones to play with, so he was happy. As soon as we got back to the hotel, we both crashed. Nash was in heaven with the king sized bed in the hotel room. Funny thing was even with all that room in the king sized bed, Nash still tried to sleep on the left side of the bed which is my side. Nice try buddy!


2 Responses to “The VisionZone film shoot!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Loved hearing about the VisionZone shoot in your Blog. You look great. Sounds like a lot of fun and hard work. Nash has to get used to this Show Biz life!!!! At least he got rewarded with a king size bed.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Yes, Nashee loves his beds. Thanks

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