Nash and my first flight together

Sorry to all of Nash and my loyal readers, as it has been a hectic few days of being busy busy busy, and no time to blog as you will see from the next few blogs I enter as time allows. On Friday, Nash and I took our first plane ride together, and it was a great experience. Leading up to our trip, people kept asking me, does he get to sit on the plane with you, and if so, where? I would tell them yes, and that he goes in the overhead storage. It amazed me how many people said, really? No, he doesnt go in the over head storage. He sits at my feet on the plane.  So, we got to JFK on Friday, and I had give myself 2 1/2 hours to get to the airport, and we just barely made it, as they were already boarding when we got to the gate. Now to back track to give you the full experience of going through an airport with a guide dog. We checked our bag, and waited from someone to walk us to security. I was flying Jetblue, and they have always had great customer service, and it is good to see they still do. Nash did not get to eat his normal amount of food, as we wanted him to be as empty as possible for the flight. Its not like I can walk him out o to the wing when he has to go to the bathroom. Nash went to the bathroom before we got in the cab to head to the airport, and then when we got to the airport, the customer service rep took us to an area that they have for dogs to go to the bathroom. Nash sniffed around for like ten minutes, but did not have to go. Oh boy a six hour flight, I hope he is empty! We got to go through the employee entrance for security which is nice because you dont have to wait in line, but it still takes time. I derobed to go through security, then put Nash on the long leash, put him into a sit and stay, and I went through the detector. Only problem was Nash got up and cam e with me, so we tried it again, but Nash did the same thing, so I had the security person hold his leash, and then I went through the detector to get cleared, and they ran a wand over Nash to make sure he wasnt smuggling anything on to the plane. We then got dressed again. Interesting, while I had to take my shoes off to go through the detector, Nash did not have to take his paws off! So we got on to the plane, and we were sitting in the bulk head, and I was hoping that no one would be sitting next to us, but no luck, as all the Jets fans were headed out to San Diego for the game. Oh boy, I hope they don’t do there annoying J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets chant the whole plane ride. Luckily the people sitting next to me were the exception to the Jets fan rule, they were nice, and I was lucky because they loved dogs. And its a good thing they liked dogs, because Nash was definitely taking up the woman next to me’s personal space. What can I say, he likes to spread out. For the flight, Nash was not in his harness so he could be nice and comfy. He was really well behaved, except for when they brought the snacks around, as he kept staring at the woman sitting next to me as he was hungary. The Jetblue flight staff was fantastic, and really nice, and they made traveling with Nash a real joy. When we got to San Diego, there was a customer rep waiting for me at the gae, and we headed out to get my bag. The rep took Nash for a walk to do his business which was strange, and made me a little uncomfortable, as I don’t like being without him. Nash really had to go, and the amazing thing is we got in to San Diego an hour early. The pilot did say at the beginning of the flight that he was from San Diego, but who knew that he knew a short cut to get there? Next blog will be about being in San Diego, but be written in L.A., as that is where we are now.

2 Responses to “Nash and my first flight together”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    I don’t know which is funnier; telling people that Nash rides in the overhead compartment or the fact that some people actually thought that is was true! I hope you use the overhead compartment joke in your stand up. I about fell off my chair when I read it.
    I’m glad your first flight together was a good one.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Yes, people are quite gullible. I just wish it would stop raining out here, been raining nonstop in LA since Monday. Nash and I are tired of getting wet. You should see the video of the dog they rescued out of a flood using a helicopter, pretty amazing.

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