Greetings From San Diego

So Nash and I got into San Diego Friday night, and Kelly from Optelec, the company that I am doing the short film for picked us up at the airport. We headed to my hotel, the Marriott Gaslamp. For those of ou who have not been to San Diego, first off, it is gorgeous. I was staying downtown which is the Gaslamp area called so primarily because the streets are all lined with gaslamps. I guess a few years ago when they built Petco Park where the Padres play, the entire downtown area was gentrified. It’s amazing as ballparks used to be in really bad neighborhoods, but that is not the case anymore, as the Gaslamp area was really nice. After I got settled in the room, we headed out to meet Andre the cEO of Optelec for dinner. I had a real craving for shrimp tacos which are amazing in San Diego, so we went to a restaurant where I could get them. I guess you could say I had a hankering for them ever since I knew I was heading to San Diego. The restaurant we went to had 250 different kinds of tequila, not to worry, we didn’t sample each one. We did have a couple of margarita’s. Dinner was fantastic, and the shrimp tacos were all I was hoping for. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, and I went to the hotel bar for a drink. Nash and I then headed out to check out another bar that the bartender suggested, we headed a few blocks from the hotel, got there, and it was too crowded, so we decided not to go in. Nash and I then headed back to the Marriott. Only problem was we got a little lost, so I asked someone if they knew where the Marriott was, and they said sure which one? Ends up there were four Marriotts in a mile radius. Uh oh, not to worry, Nash and I eventually made it back.

Saturday was a day for Nash and me to just hang out and relax in beautiful San Diego. We started our day by hanging out downstairs at an outdoor coffee shop. There was a huge parade in honor of Martin Luther King  Jr. and Nash and I sat and I enjoyed the sounds of the parade while Nash got to enjoy the sights. We then went back to the hotel room, and got a very strange phone call. I picked up the phone, and they said, “this is the front desk, we have been told that you have a pet in your room.” I said, “no, I have a guide dog in the room,” and they then said, “oh, are you enjoying your stay?” So that was the end of that. We walked around a little Saturday afternoon, and then watched some of the football games, but since they were both blowouts, I fell asleep during some of it.

Saturday night Nash and I went to a party at Andre’s house, the CEO of Optelec and the Producer of Vision Zone. He lives in a historic section of San Diego, and in a gorgeous three story house. We met a bunch of the employees from Optelec and some of the crew for the updoming short film we were getting ready to shoot, VisionZone where I play the lead and the hero.

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