Oh Vey, Nash pee’d on Grandpa!

I Started this blog on Monday, but it has been a busy sleepless week, so this first part happened on Sunday.

Yesterday, we had the unveiling of my Grandpa’s headstone. We headed up to Valhalla and the cementary was completely covered in snow.  With my limited vision, it was really beautiful, and my Grandma knows how much I love snow, so I think she left it all there for me to enjoy. We trekked through the snow to where my Grandparents are buried, and as soon as we got there, Nash just started peeing. Oh vey, well, I guess that was his way of saying hello. He pee’d right on my Grandpa’s grave! Or right next to it, it depends who you ask. The service was nice, and we got lucky as the wind wasn’t blowing so it wasn’t to cold, plus I set my personal record for most layers on, so I was nice and comfy. Nash was very well behaved during the brief servuce, and the great thing about all the snow, is afterwards, I got to throw a snowball at him. We then went out for a nice lunch, with Nash, Mom and Dad, Tracey, Pete, and Siena – my favorite little monkey, my Aunt Lona, Uncle Donny, cousin Jessica, Great Uncle Dick, and Great cousin Gary and Linda. It was a nice lunch, and we had our own private room. Nash wax exceptionally behaved, even when the waitress spilled my drink in my lap getting Nash more than me. Because of this, Nash didn’t want to leave a tip, but it was an accident, and the waitress felt pretty bad. It was great to be together with most of the family, my cousin Erica had to work, and the funny thing is the younger me would have been pissed off that I was missing playoff football, but I could of cared less. Not sure if that is due to aging, maturity, family, or the fact that I could have cared less about the games being played.

2 Responses to “Oh Vey, Nash pee’d on Grandpa!”

  1. ts donahue Says:

    Did this waitress feel horrible about spilling a drink on a blind guy and his dog? Did you make a joke about it? I’m trying to think of something funny I would have said, but it’s not panning out.

  2. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Brian….I am thrilled that you enjoyed the day more than football. Grandma and Grandpa would have been very pleased that you were there as well as understanding that Erica had to work (we missed you Erica but you go girl). The tip was all included so too bad she spilled the drinks but she didn’t suffer. Grandma and Grandpa were so glad to meet Nash. We all love him so much.
    Siena loves her Uncle “B”

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