Do Dogs Get Jet Lagged?

I am so torn, I live in NYC, yet I hate the NY Jets, the game is getting ready to start, I guess I will be pulling for them, but I HATE their fans, as I used to love to go to a sports bar on Sunday to watch all the games, but the Jets fans ruined it for me. I mean is there a more annoying group of fans then the Jets fans? Great, you can spell, and do it over and over again, I bet my one year old niece could go J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets! Do you have to ruin the sports bar experience for everyone else. Wait, now I am not sure I can root for the Jets. I also hate the Cowboys and Eagles being a Giants fan, so if a nuclear bomb can’t hit the stadium, I guess I am pulling for the Eagles since I have cousins in Philly, and they are big Eagle fans.

Oh no, now Geico is showing the same commercials during pro football games. Does anyone else advertise? See older blog for the Geico commercials reference.

Nash is loving the cold weather, me not so much. I got a dog that when we go out for him to do his business, it is like he is reading the Sunday Times. In other words, he takes his sweet ass time. Come on Nash, I am freezing out here. Since we have had some light snow on the ground, he tries to lick the snow, and I think he thinks it is a icee. I have to keep telling him to leave it, but he doesn’t really listen, as it is a treat for him. I just hope he isn’t licking the yellow snow!

The great thing about Nash taking over my bed at all hours of the day is at night when I do get into it, the bed is nice and warm. The only problem is he seems to like to lay where I do, so I have to have him move, and while he used to automatically go to the foot of the bed, he now moves a little, lets me get nice and comfy, then hops out of the bed. He goes into his bed for a few minutes, and then he hops back into my bed, climbs over me, and lays at the foot of my bed. Not sure if he is being considerate, or it is just another one of his obsessive compulsive routines like when we leave the apartment he does a victory lap around the kitchen then waits at the door for me to put his leash and harness on.

Tomorrow Nash and I will see my favorite little monkey, Siena, my niece. My parents are also up in Jersey, and Nash will be going to a graveyard, as we are unveiling the headstone for my Grandfather. He passed away in April right before I headed to Guiding Eyes to meet Nash. I just hope Nash doesn’t try to dig up any of the graves, as I know dogs like to dig, that would be embarrassing, and probably not the kind of bones Nash likes. Awkward! I hear Baby Ruth is buried somewhere around my grandparents, now those bones could be valuable! What can I say, I guess I do have a sick sense of humor.

Nash and I are getting ready to head out to San Diego and Los Angeles at the end of the week. I will be starring in a short film, and will have to implement some method acting, as I am playing a character that has low vision, and not some who is legally blind. I will be reaching down to my inner Deniro, as this is quite a stretch for me. Of course, my one thought is this is the first time Nash and I are flying together, and we will be heading to the West Coast, so do dogs get jet lagged? Only I could tie in football, death, and doggy jet lag into one blog!

2 Responses to “Do Dogs Get Jet Lagged?”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Just finished watching the Jet game…now I’m JET lagged. I can’t believe the commentators used the chant. Yikes.

  2. blindgator Says:

    I must have missed the announcers doing the annoying chant, as I wasnt really paying attention to either of the games. Funny that I didn’t pick up on the J E T S and jet lag as I was writing the blog, what do you expect on four hours of sleep. Wish I could sleep like Nash and be so awake so quickly.

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