First Blog of 2010

I was hoping to have a real exciting fun filled blog to start 2010 off with, but unfortunately we have three things to blame for that not happening. One, it is the best time of year, and Nash and I have been watching most of the college bowl games. Two, the site that I use to download music which has been down for two months is finally back up, yippee. And three, it is freezing, and we have not been out that much. So sorry to all the regular readers for this mundane post, but Happy New to everyone.

Nash and I went to a party in my building for New Years, which was nice because we got to avoid all the flocks of tourists that come to my neighborhood, and Times Square to watch the ball drop. Boy, that has to be anticlimatic, and cold. Now if the ball was to blow up, or do something different each year than I might be able to understand coming to see it. To Nash and me, its just a giant headache, as they block all of my streets off, and there are people every where, and believe it or not some of those people are intoxicated! Plus they took Nash’s garbage can away, but at least this time they put it back. Overall, it was a nice New Years Eve.

The new year got off to a great start. How about Tim Tebow and my GATORS!! Florida destroyed Cincy in the Sugar Bowl, and Tebow set all kinds of records throwing and running for over 500 yards. What a way to go out and finish his career at Florida. I never thought anyone could ever replace my favorite player Danny Wuerrfel who was the quarterback at Florida when I was there, and brought Florida their first national championship, but Tebow did do it. I just hope he gets a shot in the pros. I am a Giants fan, but if Tebow gets a chance to start for a team, they will probably become my favorite team, at least while Tebow is there.

The only problem with watching two weeks of football is you are watching live, so you have to tolerate the commercials. At first, I loved the new Geico commercials, a very funny series, but there is a thing as too much advertising, and after seeing them for the thousandth time, I now hate Geico, and the commercials. I also loved the commercial for the new Taco Bell Drive Through Diet, any diet where you don’t have to get off your fat ass to get the food, I can get on board with, and yes, I am looking into sueing Taco Bell for an ad campagin and diet that discriminates against the blind and disabled!

One Response to “First Blog of 2010”

  1. lona Says:

    Hi, things have been crazy so just got to read your 2010 blog. Glad ga(ors won. I for one was thrilled PSU won. Hope u and nash have a great year together. Aunt. Lona

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