The Toyminator Strikes Again!

Yesterday, Nash and I filmed an interview for a Guiding Eyes For the Blind video, and Michelle gave Nash a Christmas present, a rubber toy shaped like a Christmas light. We got home, and Nash wanted to play with his new toy, well, it lasted about ten minutes. At first, he kept running back and forth in my apartment with the toy in his mouth, and then wanted to play tug with it, what can I say, Nash things every toy and bone is meant for tug. We did that for a little, and then Nash went off to play with his toy on his own. I was watching the Bowling Green Bowl game when I thought I heard Nash chewing on something. Sure enough he had managed to toyminate his Christmas gift. He had chewed off the end of the bulb into a bunch of pieces. You see Nash this is why you don’t have expensive toys! That sounds familiar. Unlike most toys that Nash toyminates, I have not had to throw this one out yet, so he is getting a little more play time out of it, I just have to keep a watchful eye on him while he plays with it, which ain’t easy when you are blind!

So early afternoon yesterday, Michelle and Aaron who was filming the interview met me at my apartment. Ends up Aaron also does a radio show in Westchester, and I had done an interview on his show promoting Laugh For Sight. They filmed Nash and me working together, as we went from my apartment to the subway. Nash did a fantastic job, and we got it all in one take, its so nice to work with professionals. Hey, Nash has been filmed doing this several times. He just keeps asking why is this guy with the Yankees cap in all of my scenes? I am ready for my close up Mr. Demille! Sunset Boulevard reference for those of you under 30.

We were waiting for our subway train at the 50th street station when they make an announcement that trains are running slow due to a bomb threat at Times Square. I don’t know if it is funny or scary that nobody freaks out about this, as it has become more and more common. I used to complain when trains were delayed, you know it would be nice for them to tell us what is wrong, now I am like, a little to much information. I guess I can’t be pleased.

We filmed my interview for the video at Gotham Comedy Club where I hold the Laugh For Sight benefit. Gotham has been so great to Nash and me, letting us use the club for interviews. They make a much nicer and aestetically pleasing backdrop than my studio apartment wall. We talked a lot about how much the puppy raisers due for us, and how important their job is, and how thankful we are. Shout out to Lorraine and Richard. The interview went very well, until Nash had to go to the bathroom. Hey, when he has to go, he has to go. Nash was wondering where his trailer was, I think Linda, Michelle, and Aaron were pretty happy with the footage that they got, and Nash and I were happy to give back. I told Nash, we need to do as much as this stuff to give back, because unfortunately, we have more time than money, so we can always give time to a good cause.

The four of us, excuse, I forgot Nash, the five of us then went out to lunch. It was very nice of the Guiding Eyes folks to take us out to lunch, and even nicer of them to drive Nash and me home, although looking back on it, they are probably regretting the latter. We got stuck in so much traffic, as they were already setting things up and shutting streets down for New Years, and what is normally a ten minute drive from Gotham to my apartment took us about an hour.

And today, what did we get to wake up to? They freakin took Nash’s garbage can again. Hey, I get the whole security issue, but aren’t all the damn tourists that have come to watch the ball drop going to have trash? I guess they will get to throw it on the street, and it will be more stuff for Nash to sniff and try and eat. Since there are no garbage cans in my neighborhood, does that mean that I don’t have to pick up after Nash?

Happy New Year’s to everyone, and thanks for reading and commenting..


8 Responses to “The Toyminator Strikes Again!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Happy New Year and thanks for all these wonderful blogs in 09..Keep them coming in 2010!!!!

  2. Ann Walko Says:

    Happy New Year to you, Brian and Nash! Love the blog! I’m a GEB raiser “in exile” as I can’t raise due to current job, but volunteer at classes and as an Ambassador. Best wishes to you in the new year!

  3. Susan Says:

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year, and hugs to Nash!

  4. blindgator Says:

    Thanks Susan and Ann, Happy New Year to you

  5. Lorraine Says:

    Happy New Year Brian and Nash!! I can’t wait to watch the video. Thanks for the shout out. I hope both of you have an awesome 2010. What’s the story with the movie you are going to be in?
    Thanks for the great blogs. I’m spoiled as a raiser to have such great follow up information and connection.
    Still planning on getting Abner to the City probably early spring.

  6. blindgator Says:

    Let us know when you and little Abner make it to the city. Nash and I are off to San Diego and then possibly L.A. in a little over a week. Will hopefully know all the details tomorrow.

  7. lona Says:

    Hey I am still catching. U still make me laugh. Keep on blogging in 2010 aunt lona

  8. blindgator Says:

    Glad you are still enjoying them, see you in a few hours

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