I Now Know What They Do With All the Snow in NYC

On Monday, Nash and I had a check up for him with his vet. Our main reason for the visit to the Animal Medical Center was to get Nash’s Howard Hughes length nails clipped. Since we had to head all the way over to York Ave on the East Side, Nash got the full check up. We took the 57th Street crosstown bus which cuts all the way across 57th street and then up York Ave dropping us a block from the AMC. Well, the bus driver dropped us off right into a foot of snow. Not being able to see, I thought he must have dropped us off in the middle of the street as there was so much snow. Nope, amazingly, we were on the sidewalk. I couldn’t believe the amount of snow on the sidewalks two days after the storm. My neighborhoods sidewalks were completely cleared, and it got me thinking, where do they take all the snow in the city? After walking or attempting to walk the one block to the AMC, my only answer is they drop it all on York Ave. The snow went way up my shin, and Nash really had no idea where to go. I couldn’t even tell which way was North the one block to the AMC. I was beginning to think I should of canceled my appointment. Nash and I eventually got to the AMC, but my shoes and socks were soak and wet. Nash of course enjoyed all the time in the snow, and it was a good thing we went, as it ends up Nash has a real bad ear infection. When we left Guiding Eyes Nash had a right ear infection, this time it is a left ear infection, and his vet thinks it could be allergies. The ear infection was so bad that his vet wants him to take a 4 in 1 antibiotic that the AMC doesn’t carry, so I will have to buy it through a pet pharmacy. His vet told me it would cost 40 bucks, so that’s not too bad. The good news is other then the ear infection, he is completely healthy, and his blood tests all came back good.

We left the AMC and headed up York in the snow to the bus stop. The snow was so bad, that there was no way to get around the snow to get on the bus. We had to head all the way down to 57th street to get on the bus. Unbelievable. Amazing the difference in amounts of snow two sides of the city can have. We finally did get on the bus and got home, but it was quite the adventure. Being the responsible guide dog handler, I immediately called the pharmacy to get his meds, and guess what, the drops aren’t 40 bucks they are $199.99! Damn, that is a major difference. I have been trying to get his vet on the phone to find out if there has been some mistake, and I have spoken to the vet at Guiding Eyes to see if the drops are something they could get for me. No luck so far, and now I hear there is some holiday the next two days, so we will not be getting his drops til next week. As least Nash does seem like his usual happy self, and playful, so I don’t think he is in to much discomfort from the ear infection.

Besides the vet, it has been a pretty busy week as Monday night we had the Broadway Comedy Club Holiday Party, always a fun time, and we run into a lot of people that we haven’t seen in a long time. I didn’t get to make it last year, so it was nice to be able to go this year. It was pretty crowded, so Nash and I didn’t stay as long as I might have stayed without Nash, as he did get bumped into a few times.

The rest of the week I have had a few conference calls about Laugh For Sight in 2010, and their are some exciting developments, but nothing concrete yet. I will let you know as soon as I know more.

On a final note, today, I heard my new favorite excuse for running over a blind guy and his guide dog, “I have fresh meat here the dog is going to attack it!” The guy just ran right into Nash and me and kept going, what an asshole. Of course, Nash didn’t even flinch, or go towards the meat. It’s good to see the Christmas spirit makes for an asshole on 8th Avenue.

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