Nash and my first Thanksgiving together and Siena’s First Birthday

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all the regular blog readers. There’s something you don’t hear to often, a belated Thanksgiving wish. Our fun started on Weds. night, as I packed to head out to Jersey. This was the first time I had packed a full suitcase since Nash and I have been together. It was kind of strange, as I think Nash was a little confused. As I was packing the suitcase, Nash was a little depressed, as he was lying next to the suitcase, and I had to keep telling him not to worry, as he was coming with me.

Thursday morning, we began the fun trek of taking NJ Transit out to Summit, NJ. I always get lost in Penn Station when I am trying to find NJ Transit. Well, the fun began before we even got to NJ Transit, as this was the first time I had gone anywhere with Nash and a big suitcase, as I usually just pop on the subway when heading to Penn Station. Not so easy when you are walking with a guide dog, and pulling a suitcase in the other hand, and trying to give your dog hand signals. We decided the hell with it, lets pop in a cab. I was amazed that I wasd able to flag a cab down fairly quickly, as a lot of the streets were blocked off by my apartment as the parade was going on. I got a cab, but for some reason, Nash did not want to get in. Luckily, a very nice woman came over, and as I was sitting in the cab, she helped me get Nash all the way into the cab. I shortly figured out why it was so easy to get a cab, as we turned on to 9th Ave, instant gridlock. What normally takes a few minutes by subway and costs me only a buck, end up taking about forty minutes and cost me fourteen bucks. Ugh. Luckily, I caught my train just in time.

The train was absolutely packed, standing room only, but Nash and I had a real nice spot with a lot of room. My brother-in-law, Pete and my Dad Nick met me on the platform in Summit. Yes, if I am coming out to meet you somewhere, it is best to meet me on the platform, just some future advice.

This is the first Thanksgiving I can ever remember where I could care less if I watched any football, and it had nothing to do with me not being able to see like I used to. Are you kidding me NFL, do we still need to see Detroit every Thanksgiving, haven’t their fans suffered enough by missing enough Thanksgiving’s, and being tortured by that team, and are you serious, Oakland, really NFL, could you not have predicted that the Raiders would still suck.

Nash really loves going to Jersey and Tracey and Pete’s house, as he is not used to having that much space to roam around in. He was excited to see my niece Siena who turned one on Tuesday, but she was not so excited to see him , as she kept crying every time Nash got close to her. I had to keep Nash on the leash for awhile, as Siena was a little afraid of Nash, and now that she is a crawling machine, she loves to throw all of her toys all over the place, and Nash loves toys, and doesn’t like to share, so he would have scooped them up. Nash was also excited to see his grandparents, my Mom and Dad, and yes, it is still strange to me to refer to humans in a relationship to a dog. Overall, Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, getting to see family, and Nash getting to be around a lot of people who have met him before. He was very well behaved, and I felt bad not giving him any turkey, but hey, I didn’t eat any turkey, as I am not a big fan, so I didn’t feel that bad for him. Nash did love getting to go outside to the bathroom in Jersey, as he is not used to having that much space to relieve himself.

With the Giants sucking so bad, my Dad and I actually ended up watching more of the Texas-Texas A&M game. What a game that turned out to be. I was getting to sleep on a air mattress, but it is not as bad as it sounds, as it is huge and fairly comfortable. Well, after it was blown up, Nash went into it, and he had the time of his life, as he kept flipping over, and jumping up and down, it was really quite funny, and I think Nash thought the bed was a moon bounce, one of those big things I used to go on as a kid. Nash ended up sleeping on the air matress with me. It was funny, as he normally sleeps by my feet and inches up during the night, and we wake up back to back, but in the oversized air mattress, Nash slept right next to my head. He did wake me up a few times throughout the night, as he was bouncing around a little. I guess he was having fun.

Friday was sit on the couch and watch football all day with Dad. It was fun, but the games weren’t the greatest. Nash did enjoy going out and getting to roam around all over. I think he was confused as he is not used to having this much space. Friday night was Siena’s baby naming ceremony at Temple. I am not a partically religious fellow, but for little Siena, I broke my Templeless streak of eleven years. The service was pretty dull, and the best part was listening to Siena babble throughout the service, as Pete held her. I did not have to stand up when the rest of the congregation did, as I did not want to disturb Nash, as he was so well behaved. Although, the second time everyone stood up, Nash stood up, and I figured I better stand up, as it probably looks pretty bad when your guide dog is standing at a service and you are sitting. Thanks a lot Nash. After the service, we all went back to Tracey and Pete’s for a nice Jewish dinner, I mean Italian subs and pasta. Yes, this is more my thing. My Aunt Lona, Uncle Donny, and cousins Erica and Jessica all came over, and Nash was thrilled to see everyone. He was still on the leash, as Siena wasn’t really afraid of him anymore, but anytime, my Mom or someone would give Nash some attention when Siena was around, she would start crying. Then someone would pick her up and she would stop. It was pretty funny, because Nash would also get jelaous of all the attention Siena was getting. I guess the two of them have a little rivalry going.


Saturday morning, I was awoken to hearing my Mom upstairs say, “Nash, go wake Brian up” Well, I guess I do have that Superman heightened hearing afterall. Nash darted down the stairs, jumped into the bed, and started rolling all over me. I guess that is another command that he understands. Ends up Nash had gone upstairs pretty early, and was playing very nicely with Pete and Siena, as the two of them were crawling around together with no crying and no, Pete wasn’t doing any crawling. I guess it takes a little over two days for Siena to get used to Nash. Saturday was Siena’s first birthday party, and they were having it at a piece joint. Ah, pizza, even when it is bad, it is still pretty good. They were expecting close to 100 people, and some forty kids. This should be interesting with Nash there. Well, since this blog is getting especially long, and I have a lot to do today, I am going to wrap it up. I took Nash’s harness off for the birthday party, as I knew a lot of little kids were going to come up and pet him, and I didn’t think I would see a lot of it, and didn’t want to have to keep telling all the kids not to pet him. Nash was on his best behavior, although, he was sniffing all over the place, but hey, I got to think the kids were dropping food all over the place, so I still give Nashee a passing grade. Siena had a really nice birthday, and I think the grandparents and the rest of the family really enjoyed it. Sorry Nash, now we are back in the city, and you have to readjust to little bathroom space.

2 Responses to “Nash and my first Thanksgiving together and Siena’s First Birthday”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Brian,
    I really enjoyed this blog. Sounds like you and Nash had a really nice long weekend. I’m glad you got to visit with your family. Ours was sort of quiet as Richard was sick. I went to my Aunt Gen’s w/o Richard or Abner. My cousin was there – Nash was there many times and they always ask after him. I had no problem envisioning that little turkey jumping on the bed and rolling on it. He can be such a clown, as you know.
    Your mentioning Nash’s expanded bathroom choices reminded me of when we had planned to go to NYC with Nash I figured I had better get him used to going to the bathroom on the curb instead of grass. Poor guy was so confused as going to the bathroom on a walk is a big no-no so when I started telling him to “get busy” on the curb, it took some time. He kept looking at me like I had two heads or something. Fortunately he caught on and was able to get his business done curbside. Now it’s just the opposite. Ironic.
    Does the holiday shopping season create additional traffic, foot and automobile, for you to navigate? I hope things go smoothly for you both.
    Looking forward to your next entry, as always.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Hey Lorraine,

    Yes, Nash had quite an enjoyable few days, as he really loves being around people. It is funny, as I had to keep telling him off the grass, and onto the street in the burbs. I actually do very little holiday shopping, as everyone knows I am poor, well not poor, but getting by, so I try and avoid it all. The city is crowded with all the damn tourists, so it should be interesting, as I have a busy few weeks with some companies and orgs with where the future of Laugh For Sight is heading. We shall see. Sorry to hear Richard was sick, but I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family, and Nash wishes you all a Happy Belated Turkey Day.

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