Do Dogs Sleepwalk?

Nash got to see his grandparents the last two days, and yes, it is still strange, calling my parents his grandparents, but they seem to like it, and Nash has become one of the family. In fact, Nash has probably bumped me down a level as far as family favorites go. Just kidding, or maybe not. We went out to dinner on Monday at Don’t Tell Mama’s. I had only been there for shows before, and qas quite surprised at how good the food was. Nash was on his best behavior which was nice, as my parents had not seen him since graduation at Guiding Eyes. My parents did notice that Nash does an awful lot of sniffing while we were walking, but they also did notice how much faster I walked with Nash then I did with my cane. I will probably have to have someone come out from Guiding Eyes for a refresher, and to see what else I can do to get Nash to stop all his sniffing.


Last night, I was laying on the couch, and Nash got into my bed for some early snooze time. He likes to sleep, and it is nice, because it allows me time to relaz and watch some tv. All of the sudden, I heard Nash get up and shake himself. He then did a few laps back and forth in my apartment, walked into the kitchen, turned around, and went back to my bed. It was like he was sleepwalking. It was cute, but a little strange, and it go me thinking, do dogs sleepwalk, and if so, can I teach Nash to cook in his sleep? Would be nice if he could make me a nice meal.


Tomorrow, it is off to New Jersey for Thanksgiving, and we will be having it at my sister’s, so I will get to see Siena. Should be fun, except for the dreaded experience of NJ Transit at Penn Station. It is the worst transit in the city, and finding the ticket booth, and customer service for a blind guy ain’t easy. Also, thanks a lot NFL. Could you have two less desirable foootball games on Thanksgiving, I mean come on, the Lions? And worst, the Raiders? What, they couldn’t get the Bucs or Rams to play? What does the NFL expect everyone to do on Thanksgiving, talk to family?

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